Friday update 19.8.22

Pic: It’s great to be back in Florida. This is City Walk leading up to the universal parks.

It’s been a busy time but I’ve managed to find a bit of time to do some writing in our down time. I’ve written a couple of poems, continued to edit my poetry collection, I’ve had to rejig the formatting a bit and now I’m on the final read through before I think about releasing it!

In my fiction world, I have been editing my short story collection, which is coming along nicely. Maybe I’ll start posting my update on my fiction account too soon. Or do two separate ones, who knows! I read The Pool again last night and is it ok to say it will never win any prizes, but I love it because it’s mine? I have been thinking about a spin off story with one of the characters too! The Pool is set in Florida so it’s extra fitting to be here!