The Pool.

Announcement Time*

I have a new book coming out. It will be released as an ebook on Amazon on 24th May and is available to preorder.

It is based around a short story I shared a while ago. It explores the story from multiple viewpoints, each time offering a fresh perspective and new information until the story reaches a new conclusion. But will it be a happy ending?
Only one way to find out!

disclaimer This is paranormal fiction and it is different from the poetry I write. It’s not one for younger kids.

Here are the links:



I want to be an author

Last year I wrote this poem, envious of my favourite fiction writers who could create wonderful stories. I just didn’t think I had the attention span!

One year on…..

I have published one narrative poem as an ebook
I have published a poetry collection with a difference
And now I write short fiction and I have a longer project coming up based on one of my short stories….

I am definitely an author. I may not sell millions but I love creating stories.

Peace and Tranquility

One year ago today I took this photo and wrote this poem. I hadn’t long recovered from COVID and I was on furlough from work. I went for a run/walk and I stopped to have a quiet time with nature and the outdoors and the poem came to me. I don’t think we can underestimate the positive effects on mental health and wellbeing that the outdoors can bring.