A Celebration Poem

It was touch and go whether or not I would have a poem ready for this weekend, but an opportunity came on Saturday morning in the form of a celebration.

Some of you may remember me mentioning that my husband, Dan is a musician.  Since he started to learn the guitar, he has been writing a blog to record his progress.   He has been keeping count of his appearances at open mics and last night it was his 100th open mic, so the host and I saw the opportunity to mark the occasion by having a bit of a celebration.  The host brought balloons, party poppers, noise makers, etc… and I, unbeknownst to Dan, invited some people down to watch him perform.

Things were going nicely leading up to the big event and I was feeling an overwhelming sense of pride because Dan had performed at a local festival on Thursday night and I was thinking about how far he has come.  I decided that I needed to let these strong emotions out and add a little extra to the evening.  I was going to write a poem and, if it was good enough, I was going to perform it for my husband.

The poem took shape quite quickly after the initial struggle over the first few lines. Actually, it was more the third and fourth lines as the opening lines came quite naturally.   Then I got a little stuck but managed to overcome this, and from the lines “On the stage with your guitar, Entertaining the crowd…”  The process became easier and the ideas flowed nicely.   Once finished, I sent it to the host, who I know has read my poetry before and shown appreciation.   To my delight, she loved it.


Originally, from “I’ve never been so proud”, I went straight to “Now you have come to a milestone,” but I felt that I needed to add in a little extra.  After mentioning his initial stage fright, I wanted to say how far he has come, hence the line “It comes so naturally to you now,”  and I go on to say that it has always been there, which I really believe is true.  The performer in him was always there, he just needed confidence and experience to bring that side out of him.  The following lines starting with “I love to come and watch you..” fit well here too, and indeed I do love to watch him and share his success.

It’s always nice when I can squeeze a couple of lines in between what is already written, without disturbing the flow of the poem.

Again, I sent the full poem to the host for a final check and received further encouragment (Thank you so much, Leya!) I just had to print it out now and hide it in my bag!

The evening went beautifully.  Dan loved the surprises and he performed beautifully.

I performed the poem for him, which was my first public performance of my poetry.  It’s funny, I’ve been shy before about performing my poems but this is something I really wanted to do for my husband and so I didn’t think twice. It seemed to go down well and I hope I did him proud!  Will I perform again? Maybe….

To close, I will say that I would advise anyone wanting learn an instrument, or indeed embark on any new interest or venture, to document their journey.   If it hadn’t been for his detailed blogs, Dan wouldn’t have had a clue it was his 100th open mic and the opportunity to celebrate his success last night would not have materialised.  So I invite you all, whatever your field, to record and share your journey.

I will also encourage you to check out Dan’s blog and read for yourself about his incredible journey!

Thanks for reading and also thank you so much to all who came along for Dan’s special evening and to the lovely Leya for all her efforts.

Jen xx


I will do a longer “In My Notebook section”  in my next blog post as I don’t want to take the focus away from last night’s events. 

What sound does Halloween make?

A little poem inspired by a question my son asked last year.

I will share the image and the poem as text.

What sound does Halloween make?

“What sound does Halloween make?”

My child said one day.

I thought to myself

“What a clever thing to say!”

“How much insight you have

At the tender age of three!”

It really, truly was

Astounding to me!

Does it make the sound

Of a spooky ghost’s wail?

Or the howling of the trees

During an October gale?

Does it sound like the cackle

Of an evil old witch

Who is casting a spell

To make her filthy rich?

Or is it the loud flapping

Of the wings of a bat

Whose peace has been disturbed

By a rather noisy cat?

What sound does Halloween make?

Could you tell me this?

Whatever sound it is

I simply cannot miss!

Jen Elvy