Through the Keyhole V4

This is where I invite the reader to think about what they would find if they look through the keyhole. Why not try your own verse in the comments.

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Through the Keyhole -V3

Continuing Through the Keyhole, this is verse 3. Hopefully you are beginning to see how much I enjoyed writing this and how much fun you can have with it. Try your own verse and post it in the comments.

I had a β€œdid I really write this?” moment when I read that verse just a while ago.

Through the Keyhole – V2

Why not write your own verse…

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Through the Keyhole – V1

Many of you, especially those who have bought my book will be familiar with Through the Keyhole. This poem is fun to read and it can lead on to fantastic creative writing, both with children and adults. I will be sharing a verse a day and each day I invite you to write your own verse and maybe you have a child who would like to write their own verse too!

Let’s keep creativity going!

Us and Them

When my boys were babies I had nothing but support from those around me. I was very lucky. I know others aren’t so lucky and I also remember that on forums and groups there was always so much sniping about what was best for babies but in truth there is only one person who knows what is best for your baby and that is you.

To Be a Mum

Here is a poem I wrote years ago. Before I started writing fantasy poetry, I used to write poetry about parenthood. They say write what you know and I very much started with what I knew.

My youngest child was a baby back then and I would think of poems while feeding him or settling him.

My lovely Facebook audience today have reminded me how much I loved writing these poems. I will definitely share more and write some new parenting poetry.

The Mermaid and the Unicorn -Part III

So the other day we left the mermaid having sacrificed her tail so that the lake could be filled, allowing Unicorn to be able to drink.

Can the mermaid get her tail back?

Read today’s third and final part to find out. You will also learn more about the unicorn at the castle with the kind face.