The Night Light

Some of you will remember those night lights you used to get in the 80s that were houses or little animal homes or toadstools with ornaments inside. I remember having one and I wish I could see it again. Here is

The Night Light

The first of my bedtime themed poems.
I hope you enjoy.

New blog new story

I’m so excited to announce my new blog under my pen name Savannah R James. Here you will find short stories, some photo edits and any updates on my paranormal projects. Here is a link to read my latest story, The House of Yesterday.

I will continue to post my poetry on this blog so it will remain active.

The House of Yesterday

First, an announcement. I am now going to be writing my paranormal fiction under the name of Savannah R James. As you know, I write a lot of fantasy poetry and I wanted to separate this from my fiction, as the audiences may differ. I am delighted that my poetry is enjoyed by adults and children alike, whereas my fiction is not suitable for a younger audience. This is why I have chosen a pen name for my fiction.

I will eventually start a new WordPress page for my writing under Savannah R James but I will, of course, keep this one for my poetry. Once the page is set up, it is likely that I will take down my supernatural fiction on this page and post it on my paranormal page.

For now, I will leave you with a snippet of a new short story, called The House of Yesterday, which is set on the Kent coast in the UK. I hope you enjoy.