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Hi everyone. Today I want to share two poems I’ve written that each tell a special story. The first of the two is very special to me because it is the first poem I wrote as an adult.  I mentioned it in my previous post so here it is.  The story of my first born, simply entitled Kyle. I think I need to work on my titles. They have never been my thing.


We first heard his cry one December morn,
As sleet was falling on the lawn
By a c section, which I didn’t expect,
But the advice of the professionals I had to respect.
“My boy!” I sobbed. He was finally here.
An event we’d anticipated for the best part of a year.
We’d known the sex since August the third.
“There’s the scrotum and there’s the penis” were the words we heard.
And then our hearts filled with joy.
We were going to have a little boy.
And so arrived in December, day sixteen
The most beautiful baby we’d ever seen.
Wrapped in a green blanket, wearing a pink hat!!
I can see his future girlfriends loving that.
The hat was, of course not chosen by us
But by the doctors, who were in such a rush
His brown eyes looked at me, all confused.
I could tell that he was not amused.
Suddenly out from the cosiness of my womb
And now in an extremely bright room.
And so we cried together, my new son and me.
And Dan cried aswell, as two became three.
Then it was daddy’s turn for a cuddle.
He asked  “do you want to be called Kyle?”
But my head was in a muddle.
Did he look like a Kyle? I wasn’t quite sure
But I soon realised there was no name I wanted more.
And so he was Kyle, our newborn son.
A boy that would bring happiness to everyone.

      Jen Elvy


The poem came quite easily to me, as I seem to recall and, l think I wrote it in my head at feeding times.. etc before getting it down on the computer.  As this one was written a few years ago when Kyle was a baby so the memories of actually writing it are a bit of a haze. it’s quite a challenge writing a story using poetry as you have to add rhythm and rhyme into the mix.  (well you don’t have to use rhyme but I like to).   I like to think up the poems in my head before I write them as it eliminates the block while actually writing them, and also its a nice thing to do while doing other things as it keeps the brain ticking.  It can make washing up a whole lot more bearable!  I believe, like many of my longer poems, I wrote it in stages.  I love the bit about my head being in a muddle and choosing Kyle’s name. Lots of mums say that their baby ‘looked like’ or ‘suited’  a certain name but I can’t really understand this myself because to me (and to my hubby also) babies are blank canvasses, yet to develop a character or ‘look’ to go with their name.  To me, Kyle didn’t look like a Kyle but that was the name we chose and there was no other name we wanted (names are such a nightmare aren’t they!)  but as he grew, so did his personality and physical appearances and that is how Kyle became Kyle.  He has often told us he likes his name so we chose well.

So onto my next poem, and a much more challenging one.  When Dan and I were in Fuerteventura, we experienced a unique evening out that has been very significant in Dan’s singing career.  You see my hubby is an extremely talented  singer and now plays the guitar too.  He has been singing in bars and pubs for years, even before I knew him.   He loves singing abroad because of the anonymity of it all.  You can go into a room where no one else knows you and just show what you can do.  Dan has done just that on several occasions and wowed many a crowd since I’ve known him.  Makes me so proud. Especially when people compliment him through me.  So this particular evening we wandered into a pub called diamonds, which was advertising a karaoke night.  It was practically empty at first but gradually filled.   It transpired that there were people in the room that sang professionally and that night, Wow! To say Dan wasn’t out of place was the biggest understatement ever.  I will let the poem tell the story :


Diamonds are Forever 

In Fuerteventura one Friday night
An empty pub wasn’t a promising sight
But little did we know the what the night would hold
A family story forever to be told

A pub called Diamonds was the place
Where Dan’s singing talent stood tall with grace.
As he stood up and sang his first song
The small crowd started to nod along.

Then as more people came in
The uniqueness of the night would begin
The atmosphere became more lively
Dan’s voice was appreciated more widely

The couple on the next table were very pleasant
From them I learned that professionals were present
Imagine the enormous buzz it gave me
When they asked if my boyfriend sang professionally!

When Dan sang Suspicious Minds, some time later
His song was judged by an Elvis impersonator
He said that Dan could be in a boy band,
Told him not to take his job, and then shook his hand

Then later when Dan sang No Matter What
Oh my goodness! the compliments he got!
The guy on the next table said to me
“He can sing any song, in any key!”

Dan sang many songs that night, some were recorded
With so many compliments his efforts were rewarded
“Stick with him, he’ll make you millions” I was told
But Dan knows he matters to me more than gold!

But still what a buzz to be told such a thing
I love it when I’m told how well my Dan can sing
So we left the pub,  headed into the night
With visions of a future so bright

So in Fuerteventura that Friday night
An empty pub not a promising sight
With dreams to be made, a potential to discover
It truly was a Friday night like no other


Jen Elvy


With this poem I wanted to capture the magic and unexpectedness of the night and tell a family story that will forever be in our memories. It is very personal to us and that is why I haven’t shared it before but I wanted to showcase it today as an example of one of my story poems.   It took a few days, maybe even weeks to write as I needed several “thinking breaks.” Some parts were quite challenging in that I had to find the perfect rhyme to make it sound right and and capture the moment. For example,   when I mention the Elvis impersonator saying that Dan should be in a boy band there weren’t many rhymes that fitted but then I came across ‘hand’ I seemed to remember that the guy shook Dan’s hand at the end of his little speech so I checked that fact with Dan, who confirmed and then there was my rhyme.  See verse 5 for the end result. Another challenging part was the closing verse.  I wondered at first whether verse 8 could be the last but I felt it still needed rounding off.  I think repeating the first couplet works well as it reminds the reader that we happened to wander into this pub that looked a bit empty and we weren’t sure whether it was going to pick up or be a non starter, but then the unexpected happened and it turned out to be a unique night.  I wanted the final couplet to capture this. I even thought of a play on the word diamonds but that sounded too cheesy.  But gradually it came together when the idea of a potential discovered came to me and then I had my final rhyme.  Let me know what you think.  I have used Diamonds are forever as a working title. I’m open to suggestions as to whether it works or not. As I say, I’m not the best at titles.  However, I am proud of the final result. Do let me know what you think as your feedback means a lot.

So there you have it,  my chosen story poems.  When I read the criteria for narrative poems I wasn’t sure if my poems fitted into this category, which is why, for now I’ve simply called them ‘story poems.’  Let me know your thoughts on this too.    I love writing these poems for the challenges they bring.

Thanks for reading

Jen xx





2 thoughts on “My Story Poems

  1. Hi lovely. Just popped by and recognised your blog immediately haha. (My memory has officially been baby wiped! 😉) Definitely worth a second visit though. These are two such lovely poems. Dawn x


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