Intro to Poetry – Day 2

Hi and welcome to Day 2 of my series of poems.  Today the prompt is


The inspiration came very easy for this one and it came from none other than, my baby son, Sam.  I watched him watch his daddy so intently as he played the guitar in the garden and sang. He just loves to listen to daddy play and we have no doubt that he will be the music lover in our family.   As he sat there, bolt upright on the grass, I took in his little features, knowing that he won’t be a baby for much longer.   There was my inspiration.  I have taken a lot of inspiration from my little ones, especially Sam, as he is changing so much in such a short space of time.  With my eldest, Kyle, it’s more of a gradual thing.

So without further ado, I give you my poem, a shorter one today:

Baby Face

Baby blue eyes and a little button nose
Precious curved lips like the bud of a rose
Whenever you are full of glee
You give a wide grin, bearing teeth for all to see
And when you’re fast asleep, you are peaceful and calm
I know I’ll never let you come to any harm 

Jen  Elvy


I hope you like it.  I think I was more successful with the description today, yesterday’s attempts were not good enough to make the final edit.   The extra challenge today was to use alliteration and I did this in the first line with “baby blue eyes.”  As always, I used rhyme in this poem as its a style I like to keep to and it’s rare that I stray away from it.  I think it works well here.   Hope you enjoyed todays poem and I’ll be back tomorrow with the Day 3 Prompt – Friend.

See you then and thanks for reading,

Jen x



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