Intro to Poetry -Day 3

Hi everyone.   Thanks for reading so far. The feedback, comments and likes all mean a lot to me.   And those of you who are also doing #introtopoetry, I’m loving your work.  Bear in mind, I’m only reading your poems for specific days once I’ve written my own as I like to approach the prompt in my own way before reading others’ appraches, which fascinate me.   In the same way, I read detailed book reviews of a book only after I have read it.

So on to today’s prompt:


The ideas flowed well as I wrote a friendship poem earlier this year. I will share this at the end of my post.  But this time I chose to take up the challenge of writing an acrostic poem.   I have written a few before and I love the challenge of having to start the line with a specific letter.   When I find myself stuck, I just list some words in my head, or sometimes looking at a dictionary can trigger some ideas too by drawing my attention to words I haven’t thought of.  As a further challenge I add rhyme to the equation.

Here’s the poem:


Friends are there through thick and thin
Receiving isn’t important only giving
Interests to share
Ears can listen and are always there
No matter what time, night or day
Drinks, treats and hugs will go a long way  

Jen Elvy

F and R came quite easily but the subsequent lettters required more thought to link ideas together.  The middle letters presented the most challenge I think, and I had to really explore possibilities.  For example, having  written “Interests to share” Finding a rhyme with share would have been easy enough if it hadn’t been for the fact that the line had to start with the letter ‘E’. I had both ‘there’ and ‘care’ in mind but struggled to think of the beginning of the line.  Consulting the dictionary, I came across the word Ear and saw the link with the poem and that gave me the next line “Ears can listen and are always there.” Pleased with that one.

I hope you enjoyed this poem.  Tomorrow’s will be Journey.   Thank you for reading and I leave you with the friendship poem I wrote earlier this year:

 Treasured Friend

Are you lucky enough to have a friend
A friend on whose loyalty you can depend,
A friend in whose wisdom you always believe,
A friend who gives, never expecting to receive,
A friend with whom you can laugh and cry,
A friend who would never tell you a lie?
If you are lucky enough to have such a friend,
Hold on to them to the very end.
For they will show you the way when all is lost
And disloyalty to them will come at great cost.

Jen Elvy

’til next time.

Jen x




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