Intro to Poetry – Day 4

Hi everyone, wow, it’s getting quite hectic blogging every day for a while but I’m getting into a routine and in better flow with my poetry than I’ve ever been so happy days! Today I want to share two poems.   The prompt is


The first poem came about when I took my boys to a new park yesterday.  My eldest said he enjoyed it so much that he wants to go to a new park every day.  Well I don’t know about every day but I’m certainly up for finding some new parks this summer. Always love finding new places to take the boys.   So here is my first poem:

Summer Quest 

We’re off on a journey, my family and me
To visit parks we have yet to see
My eldest son suggested it and I thought we might 
Because the same old parks can be a boring sight 
Not just for them, but for me too 
I need to keep things fresh and new 
So this summer let this be our quest 
And see which places we like the best 

Jen Elvy


For this poem I didn’t take up the challenge to include a simile as I sort of got carried away and forgot. I don’t often use similes and in the end I just didn’t feel I could throw one in.  However, in my next poem I went a step further and included a metaphor.  The next poem came about because I wanted to write about another journey.   I remembered how I’d been listening to a compilation album from 1996 in my car.   I love 90s music and I love that music seems to take you on a journey.   I will let the poem explain.

 Musical Journey

Music is my way of travelling back in time
Transported by the rhythm, captured by the rhyme
The stereo is the time machine
Taking me places, setting the scene
Where do you want to go today? I hear it say 
Nineteen ninety six ? Yeah OK
We kick of with Living Joy’s “Don’t stop moving”
Followed by Pato Banton’s “Grooving.”  
Those feel good songs get into my head
And suddenly I’m my sixteen year old self, stretched out on my bed
It’s as if the clock’s gone back twenty years 
Only with hindsight to calm my teenage fears 
You see music is such a powerful thing 
It lets you do so much more than dance and sing

Jen Elvy

I am pleased with this poem.  When I was doing some household chores, I composed the beginning of it, then I got distracted and forgot to type the lines out and annoyingly I forgot them for a while. Rule number 1: When you think of new lines, Always note them down!!! Silly Jen! But fear not, they did come back to me and I was able to finish the poem. You see music is your personal time machine.   When you hear a song you are transported back to that time in your life when you first heard it, or when you listened to it frequently, or even a special event where it was played.  For me personally,  I hear Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, by Aerosmith, or Rule the World by Take That and I’m automatically back in my beautiful wedding dress, signing the register.   I hear Keep on Moving, or almost anything by Five and I’m back in the union bar at university, on the dance floor.  I loved the Five medley being played at my friend Mel’s wedding reception recently and it took us all right back to our uni days.  Anyway I could go on forever!  I hope you enjoyed the poem and I’m sure you can relate.

Thanks for reading my poems today.  Tomorrow my topic is


See you tomorrow and I’d love to hear your thoughts and feel free to share if you have a special song that takes you to a certain time in your life.


Jen x


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