Intro to poetry – Day 5

Hi everyone. Today my prompt is


The extra challenge  is to write a limerick. This is a fun form of poetry that I have practised a few times and I like the challenge of following the rhyming structure.   For this one, I turn to my eldest son, Kyle.  I have written about my youngest, Sam quite a lot. Perhaps because he is growing and changing at such a fast rate and Dan, Kyle and I watch with fascination as he reaches each milestone and learns new skills.  So today it is Kyle’s turn to be the subject:

There was a young boy called Kyle 
Shorts were not his style 
He ran around at school
And kept nice and cool
And then he began to smile
Jen Elvy

The limerick says it all really, Kyle has recently discovered that shorts are not the work of the devil and are actually quite comfy in hot weather.   He didn’t half make a fuss when we finally insisted but when he saw how many of his friends were wearing shorts compared to trousers he began to see sense, even uttering the words “I like shorts now,” on the way home from nursery that day.  You see he hasn’t yet started school but school rhymed with cool quite nicely so I used that rather than nursery or preschool, which seemed too long.

I found it quite difficult to find a rhyme with Kyle that would make a good limerick.  The above result is my second attempt after faffing about a bit with the first.   I toyed with the idea that he can be quite a serious little soul at times and wears a scowl, often without intent to be cruel as such, just through feeling unhappy.     I even had a good middle section that went something like “He wore a scowl, looking like he would growl”  In the end, I abandoned this attempt for two reasons,

  1. He is quite a happy little thing really and I felt it a bit harsh on him.
  2. I just couldn’t find a decent final line.

I love my final lines to be strong because the final line is the last part that people read and will leave a lasting impression.  So a big finish is important for me and I just couldn’t find it with that particular idea.   So I had to think of some of my son’s other vices.  Then I remembered  the shorts debacle of a week or so ago and there was my limerick.  I’d already thought of using the word ‘Style’ for the second line and the rest followed smoothly.

So tomorrow my prompt will be


Thanks for reading,






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