Intro to Poetry – Day 6


A hard one today. The width of this topic was so vast that I  had difficulty knowing where to start.   The screen is just so versatile these days.  There is so much about in terms of new technology and the screen stopped being limited to tv, cinema and computers years ago.  We now have tablets, smart phones and even the smart watch (which both myself and my hubby possess!)  Eventually I latched on to the idea of personification – the screen as an actual being. It is very much a presence in our house.   So I present to you: 

Ode to the Screen 

You help me chill when I’m feeling lazy
You display all my poetry
You let me watch my favourite shows
What the world would do without you, God only knows.
You started out so small, now you come in many sizes
Day by day your potential rises.
Living in a household that loves a gadget
You can stretch even the smallest budget
You even showed me my little Sam, in detail in the womb
I truly mean it when I say you can light up the darkest room.

Jen Elvy

Once I had the idea in place the poem came together quite well, which was good considering that the prompt seemed quite daunting to begin with.   I approach these prompts by applying them to my life and experiences as that is what works for me.   They do say write about what you know and when I used to write stories I was reluctant to do this as I didn’t want to include elements of my experiences in fiction.  However, through poetry I have found a way to write creatively about what I love and I’m truly thankful for that, and also the wonderful feedback I have recieved about my work.   Thanks everyone, it means a lot.

Tomorrow the prompt will be


Should be interesting.

See you tomorrow,

Jen x



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