Intro to Poetry – Day 7


One of my favourite topics today.  I get to talk about food.  I also get to use a phrase my hubby and I have been using for years to describe my food cravings. I’ll tell you what it is at the end of the post, or let you guess.    The extra challenge was to use words and letters collected from other sources.  I wanted to do this with some words but not all.  So I have met the challenge half way and chosen random words to fit into my poem and had these in mind while writing.  I actually didn’t get to use all words I selected; I ommited one.  However, based on the fact that I used most of them, I will let myself off the hook for this one.  My random words were: struggle, among and sandwich.   The one I didn’t use was special but I decided the poem was OK without it.  I tried to give these words value in my poem rather than just throw them in.   You can be the judge of how I’ve done:

The Need for Flavour

Whenever I choose my dish
Flavour is the key
I have little time for bland food
Its simply not for me

In food with no flavour
I struggle to find joy
In fact what you might say is
I treat food like its a toy

It has to be exciting
Before it is chosen
A tingling upon the tongue
A real taste explosion

When deciding what’s for lunch
The options I explore
I rarely just want a sandwich
Its usually something more

Among the food I like to eat
Is a nice portion of chips
But if I eat too many
It goes straight to my hips

Everything in moderation
Is definitely the key
But I always try and find flavour
As bland is not for me

Jen Elvy

So did you try to guess what the phrase was? If you didn’t, don’t worry.  The phrase that we have been using for years is ‘Taste explosion’ and finally it has made it into a poem of mine.   Think Dan is quite chuffed.  In fact he was the one who pointed me in that direction as I told him the topic and that I thought it was going to be a challenge.  He replied that it is my chance to use “taste explosion” in a poem.  I told him he had a good point.  So babe, there it is, just for you. xxx

The reason I thought it might be hard is that I didn’t go into detail about the flavours or use a lot of description.  Perhaps I will revisit this topic another time and do a more descriptive poem.  I think the poem explores what I look for in food and that flavour plays a big part in what I choose, i.e it has to have lots of it! I often say that I should have been italian as the flavours and recipes suit my taste buds more than our domestic dishes.  That said, you can’t beat a nice chippy meal!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my offerings today and I will leave you with the disclaimer that I believe a good diet consists of everything in moderation.  When I’m being good, I manage that.  When I’m being not so good it’s the moderation part I struggle with!

Keep enjoying the flavours and thanks for reading.

Jen x



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