Intro to Poetry – Day 8


Hi all.  Today’s topic was a pleasant one.  Pleasure takes many forms and it was good to use and maybe adapt ‘anaphora’, which is the repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of a verse.  Technically the repeated phrase in my poem is at the beginning of the line so I’m not sure if it still counts as anaphora to everyone else but it does to me.   Once I’d decided on the structure the poem and rhymes came very easily and just seemed to flow.   Here is my poem, titled simply:


Pleasure is a day with my lovely family
Pleasure is a yummy biscuit and a cup of tea
Pleasure is a chat with a treasured friend
Pleasure is a gripping book you don’t want to end
Pleasure is a holiday bathing in the sun
Pleasure is watching your children having  fun
Pleasure is having cash to go on a shopping spree
Pleasure is having  a few minutes just for me
Pleasure is listening to your favourite music in the car
Or hearing the soft strumming of the guitar
Pleasure in life is hard to measure
But it is without a doubt something to treasure

Jen Elvy

The couplet about music was added in after completion because I realised I had forgotten a very important pleasure in life: music.  I wrote about the power of music the other day in my journey poem and I felt I needed to include it in a poem about life’s pleasures.  I played around with a few lines, but couldn’t find a decent rhyme.  Finally I got to the idea of the car because we all love listening to music in the car, right?  Then while thinking of rhyming ideas I thought of quite an important one.   My dear husband’s instrument, the guitar.  The line seemed to work perfectly and I love the alliteration: soft strumming.  I included alliteration in yesterday’s poem too with the phrase “tingling upon the tongue.” I was reading Roald Dahl’s Matilda last night and had forgotten what a master of alliteration he was.  With phrases like “formidable figure,” “leaning against the weight of the whirling girl.” and with names like “Bruce Bogtrotter” and even book titles like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”  I must admit I had never read Matilda before, but have read a lot of Roald Dahl’s work as a child and as an adult. He was an incredible writer and has left a lifetime legacy of his work for children and adults to enjoy.   Alliteration is a technique I will definitely be using in the future.   It is so effective.

Equally, I love using repeated phrases in my work and I have used this technique a lot in my previous work.   (See my blog post about my Dad.)

Only two more poems left in this series and it’s definitely kept me busy.  I will post my final thoughts after I have written all ten poems but for now I will say my mind is buzzing at the moment.

Tomorrow: Landscape (Yikes!)

Thanks for reading

Jen xx



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