Intro to Poetry – Day 9



I’ve already explained to you that descriptive writing isn’t my strongest point and so today’s topic was slightly daunting as there aren’t too many ways to write about landscape without describing it so I had to face my fear and do it anyway.  I am pleased with the outcome and feel that yes, I can actually do this.

First to introduce the landscape I have chosen.   It is a very special place to me as it is where my husband asked me to marry him! In Paris, in the gardens by the Eiffel Tower, on our 10th anniversary.   Of course, I’d seen many photographs of Paris and the Eiffel Tower, with it’s surrounding areas.    The beautiful, serene garden that we walked through on our approach to the Eiffel Tower, however, I had not seen in pictures before.   It was a lovely quiet area, although I suspect it’s busier in the summer and spring – it was November when we visited and was quite secluded, making it the perfect spot for Dan to propose to me.   A beautiful moment in the perfect location.

So today I will celebrate the beauty of this place with a poem:

Serenity in Paris

There is a little place in Paris
Just by the Eiffel tower
Where you can spend a few minutes
Or even an hour

It is a glorious garden
With a lake and towering trees
Where you can sit upon the grass
And relax in the warm breeze

The serene atmosphere will calm you
By it’s beauty you will be inspired
You can go off and do some sight seeing
And return later when weary and tired

If you haven’t yet visited Paris
You may not know about this place
I can guarantee that when you see it
You will find it the most enchanting space

Jen Elvy
paris garden
A view of the garden in late Autumn


So what do you think?  You can see many other photos of the garden online from different angles.  I was wary of including them on here because of copyright laws.

I didn’t mention my connection with the place in my poem as I wanted to celebrate it in its own right, rather than as a special place for Dan and me.  I love to make my poems personal, as you well know but this time it was about the place, not the people.

Once again, I explored alliteration with the phrases “towering trees” and “glorious garden.”  and I’m noticing my confidence in using adjectives is growing, in that I am more sure of my word choice and it feels natural and not forced.  An improvement already from when I started this course.  Just to clarify, though, when I say “warm breeze” I am picturing a spring day, rather than the crisp November day that it was when we visited.

So tomorrow sees the last day in my ten day run.   The topic: The Future

See you then,

Jen x




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