Intro to Poetry – Day 10


What a great topic to end my ten day poetry course  and what a poem I have for you today! The extra challenge was to write a sonnet – A poem consisting of fourteen lines, and I have written a sonnet with a difference.  My sonnet today is also an accrostic poem with a special message.   It was the ultimate challenge and I felt that I was ready for it.   I must confess to using a dictionary at times to collect some possible words, but I always made sure that I made the words fit with the message of the poem.

Many sonnets in the past have used the tight rhyming schemes such as abab cdcd efef gg. In this scheme, all alternate lines rhyme, the first with the third, the second with the fourth and then the fifth with the seventh and so on.   I have used this scheme before and it is a great challenge to make it work, but one I enjoyed.  It actually took a couple of attempts to make it flow.

For today’s sonnet, I have not followed the scheme so rigidly.  The second line rhymes with the fourth, the sixth with the eighth and so on.  However, the first line does not rhyme with the third, and the fifth doesn’t rhyme with the seventh. This is a rhyming scheme I have used a lot in the past and I know it works for me.   Here is the poem. Can you see the message?


The future is a door to be unlocked
Held by you is the key
Every time you peek through the key hole
False images you will see
Unknown is what is ahead of us
Tomorrow is a brand new day
Utilise every moment
Rest, work and play
Entertain all possibilities
In life there’s no rewind
Search every corner
You never know what you will find
Only you can decide what is ahead
Unfinished is the path along which you will tread

The message, of course is “The Future is You.” Meaning that you are the one who writes your future.   And of course, I have now decided that the title must be “Unwritten”

In the past I have been concerned about breaking rules of different poetic forms but I have realised now that swaying from them slightly can show creativity and flexibility.

I hope you have enjoyed my final poem in the series.

Final thoughts

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Intro to Poetry course.  It has taught me a lot about poetry and also about my abilities.  It has allowed me to step out of my comfort zones as a poet and try different things.   I have read some brilliant poems over the last few days from those of you who have also completed the course.  You are all very talented.  I thank you all who have followed, liked and commented on my blog posts.  Your support and feedback means so much.  I will be doing more courses from BloggingU in the future but I’m going to take a break from posting, perhaps until the end of the week.  It has been quite hectic posting every day but great fun.

Thanks again everyone and see you at the end of the week.

Jen x


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