Kennings and Latest Thoughts

Hi all. I had a few days without writing a poem and although I’ve had a bit more time on my hands, I’ve actually sort of missed it.  I was in a good daily flow there, doing the 10 day course and my time away from poetry has made me realise how much I valued writing a poem a day.   I think I felt all the more confident about my work by upping my productivity. I loved responding to the prompts. They were open ended enough to be able to respond to them in ways that worked for me.   But lets be honest, I won’t realistically have time to do a daily blog and a poem all the time.  Maybe a daily poem at some point, but not a blog as well.

So as far as writing poetry goes I definitely want to write more regularly and keep up the momentum.  Responding to prompts is a great way to do this so I’ll be doing that more often.  I also think it might be time to start thinking about maybe earning a little extra pocket money from poetry. I don’t expect to make a living by any means but it would be nice to earn a bit of extra cash from time to time and given the feedback and success I’ve had of late it might not be beyond the realms of possibility.

So today I thought I’d get back to poetry and I started by reading some of my poems.  I’m pleased with many of the poems I wrote for the 10 day course and I’d even go so far as to say that I looked upon these with more pride than I did my older ones today.  Maybe a sign that I’ve progressed?

I then went on to try out a form of poetry I remember teaching in my  first school. The Kenning.  I had completely forgotten about this technique until I read about it in Writing Magazine.  It is basically a form of poem that “describes something without actually naming it” (Writing Magazine August 2016) Each line contains a noun and then a verb to describe the subject.   So here are my attempts.  Can you guess what they are?

Sleep steeler
Walker wheeler
Nappy filler
Audience thriller
Milk drinker
Little tinker 

Jen Elvy

big smiler
free styler
heavy stomper
mud romper
plant swallower
water wallower

Jen Elvy

So did you guess? Well the first was baby and I’m hoping that was easy enough but the next might not have been so obvious.  It was a hippo.  I’ve always loved hippos, although now I’m angry with them as they don’t do much that rhymes!! hahaha!  Yes I know a kenning doesn’t necessarily have to rhyme but you know by now how much rhyme means to me in a poem and besides it was the suggested exercise in the magazine, to do it in rhyming couplets.   Let me know what you think.  I changed the hippo one as I originally had “Water swimmer, skin shimmer,”  as the final couplet.  I loved the line skin shimmer but I had to abandon it as it seemed out of place with the rest of the poem as it described a part of the animal and not its actions.   I was just going to leave it in anyway but it didn’t seem right in the end, so then I returned to the idea of wallowing that I had abndoned earlier in the day and then mentioned food in the phrase “plant swallower”   How did I do? I am only a beginner at these so I don’t expect to be the finished article yet but I thought I’d share with you what I’d worked on today.

As many of you may know I have submitted to a few online poetry pages and one of these emailed me the other day to say that my pending poem had been chosen for publication.  I have one other poem on this site already and I was delighted to hear that a second had been accepted. You see unlike some other sites, this one lets you submit but your poem has to be rated highly a certain number of times before they display it on the main part of the site.  Before that, it is in the reviewing section.  Once it has had a few high ratings, the editors look at it and if they approve, it is published.  The page in question is called Family Friends Poems.  I love the site and have visited regulartly, reviewing pending poems as well as reading and rating the fully published ones.  Here is a link to the poem on the page:

They have actually changed the English spelling “mum” to the American spelling “mom” so that it is in consistent with the rest of the site and that is absolutely fine by me. I am just honoured that it has been chosen.

You can find my other poem on Family Friends if you follow this link:

If anyone has trouble following this link let me know.

I mentioned Roald Dahl a few posts back and how I admired his work.   I finished watching a documentary on him today and I think that the man is a genius.  He has such a legacy of fantastic work which has been (and will continue to be) enjoyed by children and adults for generations.  I also think he can be an inspiration for the development of my descriptive writing. His descriptions are beautiful; simple but effective.  I could learn a lot from reading more of his work.

I’ll close off now but thanks for reading and please let me know what you think of my latest efforts.

Til next time,

Jen x



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