Babies and Big Milestones

Hi everyone. It has been quite a few days since my last post as I have been recovering from a minor operation but rest assured I’ve still been able to write a bit of poetry. There have been times when I haven’t been able to concentrate on reading let alone writing but other times I have found it quite theraputic to keep my mind active.

My main topic has been Babies.  I have found that when I write about something so close to my heart my poetry flows and feels more natural.   On reading one of my poems, Dan, my husband, commented that it would be lovely in a greeting card related to babies.   I will have to research companies further but its definitely something to think about.  I have continued to write along a similar theme and I will share some poems in a future post.

As well as being very relevant to my life at the moment, (but not for too much longer as my baby will soon be a toddler) poems about babies will always be in demand.  Babies are everywhere and they are so life affirming.  I’m sure many would agree that a snuggle with a baby, be it a tiny newborn or a bigger baby, say a chunky 11 month old, can brighten the darkest day.   I remember before our boys were born, my husband had a cuddle with a friend’s baby and it really put life into perspective for him after a stressful job interview.  I’ve noticed since the boys have been born, when Dan comes home from work, he spends less time dwelling on stressful days.   I’m exactly the same.  Babies and children just bring it all back to basics.

As I said, I will share some baby poems with you another time but today, as we are soon to be celebrating our youngest son’s first birthday, I want to share two poems with you.  The first is a poem I wrote a few months after he was born.  In a similar style to the one I wrote about the experience of having our eldest,  this poem essentially tells the story of our youngest baby’s birth.    The second poem is one I have been working on over the last few days and is my poem to celebrate Sam turning one.  Each month, on facebook, I have been posting a poem about reaching another month milestone and where Sam is at that particular month.   Therefore, I simply had to write one about him reaching the big ONE.

So here is the first poem:

Second Born

At six in the morning I first got the pain
That led to a drive in the pouring rain
It looked as though we weren’t going to Creams
We were having a baby so it would seem
The pains were not too bad at first
But before too long they started to get worse
Our three year old stroked my tummy
And told the baby to stop hurting mummy
Bless my baby he did not know
Consideration for mummy he could not yet show
So without further delay we phoned my mum
And waited a while for her to come
In our little boy the excitement was clear
Because his nanny would soon be here
When mum arrived it was time to go
With the rain and the speed bumps the journey was slow
But my darling husband was very soothing
He supported me as things got moving
Through my contractions he stroked my hair
I was just so thankful that he was there
But just before I was fully dilated
Things started to get complicated
An army of doctors filled the room
My baby was unhappy in the womb
So a Caesarian section it had to be
And my baby’s birth I wouldn’t see
But nothing could ruin the feeling of joy
When I saw my husband holding our boy
With my head still foggy and in a muddle
I gave my second born his first mummy cuddle
He fed for an hour so I was told
My head was too fuzzy for the memory to hold
We called him Samuel as we had agreed
To think of another name there was no need.
With memories of his dramatic birth oh so clear
We thank our lucky stars that he is here

       Jen Elvy 

Just to explain to anyone that isn’t familiar with Creams, which I mention at the beginning of the poem, it is a dessert restaurant that sells gelleto, sundaes, waffles, crepes and much more and is utter heaven. ( Sam now loves it there!)  And yes we had planned to go there that day as it is conveniently located within a retail outlet where we were also going to buy me some slippers.  I was actually booked in for a C section on the Wednesday of that week so needed some slippers for hospital.  As it transpired, Sam had other ideas about the day of his arrival, although as I say, he was delivered via a more dramatic C section than was planned.   But he is here now and although the second emergency C section is an experience I will never forget it is not something I will feel sad about it future as it meant that he arrived safely and I will always be thankful to the medical team who acted quickly and efficiently.

I have used a couple of “near rhymes” in this poem; Creams/seem and first/worse. This is something I haven’t done for a long time as I like my rhyme to be exact.  They are so very close that you hardly notice them but I know they are there.  I think they work well in this case but as I said, I don’t tend to do this anymore.

I remember struggling with the wording of the final section where I gave Sam his first cuddle but, as usual, I persevered and it came together in the end.  I love this poem.  I wrote my birth story in prose but I prefered writing the poem version a lot more.

So now we come to my second poem:


And so the time has finally come
You’ve reached the tender age of one
One whole year of me being your mum
And haven’t we had just so much fun!

And what have we learned in all this time?
That the time can really fly
You have given me a million reasons to rhyme
And many more reasons to cry

I wouldn’t have missed one second with you
Not even the times when you were in a grumpy mood
I love to see your animation in all that you do
Especially when munching on your favourite food

And when you started to sit up and play
The dramas in your life began to fade
You began to see the world in a different way
And more content for longer you stayed

When at last you began to crawl
A brand new door opened, a whole world to explore
It truly does delight us all
To see you chase your brother across the floor

And so here we are my darling son
The end of your first year has finally come
We really have had so much fun
And I am so blessed to be your mum

Jen Elvy

With this poem, I tried something new.  Along with writing in an abab pattern, I also experimented with sticking with the same vowel sound for the end of the lines for each verse. For example, the lines in the first verse end with the words come, mum, one and fun;   The lines in the second verse end with time, fly, rhyme and cry…  and so on.   I do like experimenting with different techniques and patterns.   The next to last verse and the third verse were the ones that took longer.  I just couldn’t get them to sound right at first.   Then it was a matter of closing the poem and I decided to use the same end words that I’d used in the first verse, except change the wording to draw the poem to a close.  I used this technique in my poem Diamonds are Forever,  when I repeated the first two lines of the first verse in the last verse.  It seems to close the poem off quite nicely.

I hope you have enjoyed the poems.  Thank you for your continued support and hope to be able to share more poems with you very soon.

Jen x



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