The Circle of Life

Hi everyone.  September is upon us, a month where the season turns and the new school year starts.  My eldest son is about to embark on his journey at primary school and my youngest son, as you read in my last post, is about to embark on toddlerhood, having just celebrated his first birthday. He is looking less like a baby every day and seeing him standing upright is becoming an everyday occurance.

With this in mind, I have two poems to share today. Unlike my poems in my last post, which were very personal to me, and directly mentioned someone in my life, these poems draw on personal experience but are written in a less personal way. I love my personal poems and writing about my loved ones but I feel I need to write in a less personal way as well, especially if I wish to market my poems soon.

The first poem I want to share is a Baby poem.  I have enjoyed writing some of these lately and I intend to write more.   I kept to a structure in the verses which carried the poem along nicely.  The poem has no title for the moment.  The document is called Newborn as I had a newborn in mind whilst writing it.  It could also be about an older baby.

My precious little baby
I love you very much
I hold your cheek against my own
And feel your gentle touch

Your tiny little sleep suits
Make you look so snug
I hold you in my arms
And give you a tender hug

I study your sleepy eyes
And your lips as red as a rose
I bend down oh so carefully
And kiss your teeny nose

As I watch you sleep so soundly
My head is in a haze
And I know for certain
That I’ll love you for the rest of my days

Jen Elvy

I’ve just realised, reading this again, that it could tell a story of putting a baby down to sleep, starting with a cuddle, then putting them down and watching them drift off, and finally watching them sleep.   This was actually completely sponteneous, and I didn’t realise I was describing events in order at the time. Without blowing my own trumpet, it’s amazing when a structure comes together naturally.

I am pleased with this poem. It took a while to find the right wording for the first verse but once that was in place, the other verses came quite easily.  I must say, though, that when I was imagining a baby drifting off soon after he/she is put down to sleep, with minimum fuss I was not thinking of one of mine because neither of them did that! (Well maybe the eldest did for a while until he got a bit older).   I look forward to writing more of these poems.

The second poem I wrote visits another stage in the circle of life, Loss and grief.  I hope that it does this in a positive way by carrying a message of hope and comfort.  I was inspired to write this poem the other night when for the first time in ages I heard the church bells of my home village.  Our family used to live right next door to the church and being so close, only separated by an orchard, you can imagine that we heard the bells so clearly and I guess that they eventually blended into the background after a while.  Still such a beautiful sound though. I just loved the melodies they played.   I was even lucky enough to climb to the bell tower once with my family but as a four year old, I did find the bells too loud!

I now live away from my home village, allbeit just 15 minutes, with my own family.  My mum sold our house after my Dad passed away but she stayed in our village.   We regularly visit her but often on a Sunday evening and so I don’t get to hear the church bells very often.  However, just as they always used to, they rang on Thursday evening when we were visiting.   You can hear them quite clearly from my mum’s house if there is no wind and the patio doors were open so when I heard they were playing I rushed to the doors to listen.  And Wow! It took me right back to my childhood and I just wanted to visit that house in my mind, to see things as they used to be.  And naturally, that meant seeing my Dad again.  I felt like I could see him so clearly, just listening to the sounds of my childhood.   I vividly remembered him as he was back then.  The memory overwhelmed me, making me wish that he was there to listen with me. Then I thought, maybe he is and there it was, the inspiration for my next poem.   Sorry about the long-winded introduction but once I get going on nostalgia I can ramble on a bit, and hopefully it set the scene for where the inspiration came from.

The question of afterlife and what happens after we are no longer part of this world is an ongoing one but I personally believe that our lost love ones are not far away.  I don’t know why, I just feel it.  So with this in mind, here is my poem:

Still With You

When you hear a song
And you think of me
It is because I am there
Listening with you

When you watch our favourite programmes
And you think of me
It is because am there
Watching with you

When you are sitting on the bench
Wishing I was sitting beside you
I am right there
I am next to you

Whenever you need me
Whenever you think of me
When you are not thinking of me
I am always there

Always here

For you

Jen Elvy

As you can see, it isn’t a rhyming poem but somehow it felt right to use a structure but not rhyme.   The words came to me quite easily.  We think of lost loved ones every day and with all our memories they never really leave us, although not being able to pick up a phone and talk to them  does hurt.  So  I hope my poem can carry a message of hope and comfort for those missing their loved ones.

In the coming weeks I hope to….

  1. Experiment with different rhyming patterns, including Slant Rhyme, which I’ve just learned is another word for near rhyme.
  2. Continue writing along similar themes, perhaps writing another more about lost loved ones
  3. Start looking at places to send off my work

Thanks for reading and apologies for the sensitive nature of some of the content in my blog today.

Jen x


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