Expectation Vs Reality

Hello Everyone,

Have been quite busy this week with settling the eldest in at school.  He’s done well, bless him.  I’ve also been back to work, which will bring in some much needed money.   So with all this I haven’t really written a lot of poetry over the last few days, so it was nice to get back to it today.   After looking at greeting card poems, I decided to have a go at a New Baby poem and do it as an acrostic poem:

New Baby

N is for New, a new arrival for you
E is for Excitement as family and friends gather
W is for Wonder, as we gaze upon this tiny being

B is for Beauty, those little features forming
A is for  Adoration, loved by many already
B is for Bond, everlasting and ever growing
Y is for Yours, which he is. Forever

Jen Elvy

All very sweet eh?  Well after writing this I thought, lets have a bit of fun with this and tell the truth! Some of the realities of having a newborn.  Many will identify with what follows:

New Baby – The Reality

N is for Nappies, lots of them. Too many to count
E is for Exhaustion, which will pass. When he’s eighteen!
W is for the Well wishers, who will come with advice “Don’t cuddle him to sleep or he’ll never go off on his own”

B is for Bollocks! He’s my baby, I’ll do what I want
A is for Actually this isn’t so bad, look at his little face!
B is for Bye bye visitors it’s family time now
Y is for  Young, which of course, you’re not anymore but never mind!

This was great fun to write.  Let me make it clear though, I love being a mum, I loved the newborn phase (although, it’s so much fun when they can interact with you more!)  I have never taken motherhood for granted and I feel very blessed.

However, many of you will know that parenthood is such a rollercoaster.  There is the sweet and lovely side – the side we often put on social media, of our smiling and sleeping babies, (even though there are days when they neither smile nor sleep!!) and there is the other side.  The side some of us don’t want to share.  There is a harder side, when we are exhausted and doubt ourselves.  When we get conflicting advice and don’t know what to do.  But we get through it because these magical moments, the first smile and when they break out in laughter watching their older sibling muck about, they make it all worthwhile.

I think the best thing you can do to keep a balance is :

  1. Keep your sense of humour – yes there will be crappy times and you will most likely spend the first week in an exhausted blur but laughter is a great tension relief and if you can laugh, even if in hindsight, it will go a long way to keeping things in perspective.
  2. Keep talking – This is important! Share your experiences with others and the chances are they will have been through, or are going through the same thing.  At the very least, they will be a listening ear and will support you.  None of us are alone in this so keep sharing your feelings, and cry if you need to.

So two different poems today.  Think they work well in tandem.  The first being the expectation, the sweet side of it all, what you daydream about when you are pregnant.  (One of my ‘daydreams’ during my pregnancy with little Sam featured a baby who slept nice long stretches while I could do things with Kyle.  Hahaha! The reality? a baby who had forty winks and then woke up after about 10 minutes and started moaning for milk!)  Then you have the reality – the lack of sleep, the hormones,  the crying for the sake of making a noise! The constant feeds!  A rollercoaster? You bet!!!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed tonight’s offerings as much as I enjoyed writing them.

See you soon,

Jen x



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