Time Flies

Hi everyone,

Wow it’s been so long since I last blogged.  Over a week it seems.  Been quite busy settling the eldest in school and I’ve been working too.  Then at the weekend the aformentioned eldest caught a tummy bug and so I’ve been preoccupied with him.  I really hate seeing him ill as he’s our little healthy one who rarely gets anything.   Run down with school I guess.  Still he’s been so serious and sleepy.   So sad to see.

Kyle is actually the subject of my poem today.   Seeing him start school has really made me realise how time has flown.   I can’t believe this time five years ago my bump was getting big and we had that random October heatwave.  Fun!

Kyle’s arrival changed me as a person forever.  I became a mum.   I remember feeling surprised how naturally it all came.   I was all worried about the practicalities of looking after a newborn but instincts took over and they have more or less lead the way ever since.  And that goes for Sam too.

So I wanted to write a poem about how much I remember all the little milestones and how quickly he’s grown.  One minute he’s a baby, then he’s a toddler with what I used to call Nom Nom cheeks! (You know, the chubby faced look), and the next thing he’s actually a school boy!)  I think it’s the fact that Dan recently finished compiling his preschool collection of home videos that’s ignited my sentimentality even more!

With the poem itself I originally started to do a rhyme but that started to feel a bit cheesy so I changed it completely.   I started by thinking of some key memories and milestones.  Then with each one I thought about where he is now, and there it was; My structure.  I played around with the number of lines in each verse, but then settled on three lines per verse.  This excludes the last two verses.

So here is my poem:

Time Flies

I remember my first cuddle with you 
Now you are so busy you rarely stop for a hug
Too much to do

I remember finally hearing your first ‘mama’
Now when I hear “mummy” I remember how long I waited
To hear you say it

I remember your first steps
Now you walk everywhere
But you’re still fond of Daddy’s shoulders

I remember you learning to talk
Now you tell me stories
On the way to the shops

I remember when you started nursery
So much to explore
Now you go to school
And you’re still exploring

I remember so much
Time has passed in a blur
Now you are approaching your fifth birthday
But you will always be my baby
My first born

Jen Elvy


For some reason the poem didn’t look right centred on the page like my other poems.  I think it was the final line of each verse that particularly didn’t sit right in the middle.

I’m pleased with the overall structuure; The then and now style.  I tried a non rhyming poem last week but it lacked the structure and repetition of my normal non rhyming poems so it just read like narrative set out as a poem.  So whenever I write a non-rhyming poem now structure and repetition are the key.

I like how this poem works as a non-rhyming poem.  The rhyming version felt too forced for me and was too cheesy.  And I just wasn’t convinced so I made my work go in a different direction.

But contrary to this,  the non rhyming poem I wrote that lacked structure actually worked better as a rhyming poem.  It was a bit of a moany one though as I was sleep deprived but maybe I will share it on another blog post one day.  It just goes to show, though, that I can use both techniques to suit different situations.  I am always prepared to edit and adapt.

I hope you enjoy today’s poem.

Jen xx




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