A Morning Adventure

Hi everyone, Things have been a bit slow on the poetry front.  I’ve been working lots and am quite tired, which has been a barrier to creativity as my mind hasn’t been the quiet, calm place that it has been in the past.  I think I’ve always found it easy to write in the school holidays for this reason.  However, I am not, repeat NOT going to be someone who only writes during school holidays. I will press on.

Today seemed the ideal day to do this as I have the day off work.  Being a supply teacher, I have days where I am “on call” and no work comes in.  It can be frustrating but there is a point in the day when I look at it as a blessing. I get a day with the boys.  Well in fact, I get a day with just the one boy as Kyle, the eldest, is now at school full time.  This means that until school run time, it’s just me and Sam, the little one.    He’s such a joy. So animated and chatty,  so I’m not exactly sitting here thinking, “This is boring I want to go to work.”  It’s lovely to have some time with him.  I’m feeling at the moment that the boys are just growing up so fast.  The big one at school, the small one nearly a toddler.  Time is slipping through our fingers! I was watching Sam play the other day, thinking, Please don’t grow up so fast!  He has his baby looks still but he is about to be an actual toddler and then before too long a preschooler, then a school boy like Kyle.

So anyway, what I’m trying to say is that having a day off today was quite a blessing, although I do need work tomorrow and Thursday if I’m going to have a good working week.  You see this is the thing when you are on supply.  Yes you choose when you work but there are days when you want to work but the call doesn’t come.   The reason I have done supply so long is that it fits in with having a young family.  No planning and paperwork and it is very flexible. You can do 1 day one week and four days the next!  As I have a supportive child care plan in place there are certain days when I am accepting morning calls.  The kind of call that can come between 6.30 and 9.00 where they say “Can you go to X school and teach year Z?”   On call mornings are quite relaxing and very calm and quiet.  I can get ready gradually and not be in such a rush.  Until a call comes in, that is. This quiet time in the morning might be a good window to write or read poems in the future.

As I said, no call came in and so I took little Sam out for a walk.   Having read a few poems beforehand my mind was now relaxed and open to the fresh air and new inspiration.   Sam and I had a lovely walk in the local area.  We got the chance to explore roads we hadn’t explored before and we even went to the park for a bit. What struck me today was how much there was to explore.  It might not all trees and fields but I got loads of ideas of routes and roads to take in the future.

This is the poem I started to compose on the walk and finished a little while ago:

A Morning Stroll

We’re on a morning walk, my baby and me
Visiting places  we’ve yet to see

I complain that in my home town, there’s nowhere to explore
But sometimes there are hidden treasures right outside your door

A new park here, an avenue there,
An alleyway leading to who knows where?

A warm autumn day, the sunshine is inviting
I’m kind of dreading when the wind will start biting

But it will be okay, we will wrap up well
We are experts at this, can’t you tell?

Exploring through sun, wind and snow
I’m a bit of a wimp when it’s raining though

But wherever we go and whatever we see
Lots of fun our adventure will be

Jen Elvy


The main message is that to go on an adventure why not start with your local area? There is so much to explore! New routes, different roads, alleyways;  It all helps to keep you refreshed.  Sam was animated throughout our walk and enjoyed his trip to the park too.  The poem came quite easily, without much agonising.  I started writing it in four line verses but then it seemed more natural to reduce it to two lines per verse.    I am wondering if the closing verse it is too cheesy but maybe I will change it one day.

I hope you enjoyed my poem today.  I love using my experiences as inspiration. More to follow soon.

Jen xx



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