New Poem at Last!

Hi all,

As I have said, things have been busy with work and toddlers refusing to sleep more than one hour at a time sometimes! Teeth? growth spurt? New development phase? who knows. My psychic toddler whisperer powers are failing me. Wish he could just tell me sometimes!

So the result of this is me getting extra tired in the evenings and reaching a point where I just want to go to sleep and so no poetry gets written, not even notes. Plus I crave screen time rather than having to engage my brain, that seems very busy these days. Yes you read right. My brain. Busy. Seems impossible at times, I know!    So creativity has not come easily.  It’s actually got me down a little as I just hope I’m not drying up or running out of ideas.  The logical part of me says it’s term time and so its natural to have not done a lot of writing, or reading either come to think of it.  In the holidays, during prolonged time off it’s easier to recharge and relax.  But I don’t want to just write during school holidays. I want to write all year round.

Last week I started on a new poem.  From six to twelve months, I wrote a new poem about Sam and how he was developing.  I love these poems so I decided to write a thirteen month one.  The first chunk came quite easily, then progress started to slow down until it took me days to come up with the closing verse.  It was more through not being in the right thinking space than really struggling with what to write.  I just couldn’t get a time when I was relaxed and concentrating but today being my day off I could finally compose the closing verse.  As you may remember, I don’t take closing verses lightly and I have to make sure they are just right.  Hope you think this one works

So here it is:

Sammy at Thirteen Months

At thirteen months you’re such a joy
A happy, cheeky little boy

Making noises, trying to talk.
It won’t be long before you can walk 

Your inquisitive nature makes us proud
Even when you touch things you’re not allowed

Leaning on the furniture you like to roam 
Exploring happily in your home 

You like to push along your red and yellow car
And you love to dance when your daddy plays guitar

I often wonder when you’ll sleep through
But that’s something you don’t  want to do

But during the day you’re such a delight
So it’s really not important how you are at night

You’re happy and you’re loving and you love to laugh
You even love that annoying, singing giraffe!

Your hair is coming through now, all blonde and sticking up! 
And no more bottles for you now, you’d rather have a cup

Not yet a toddler, but a baby no more 
With you, little Sammy, life’s never a bore 

Jen Elvy


So yes, pleased with the outcome, or rather pleased in this busy time that I actually managed to get a poem written. It has to be said though, I can’t go wrong with the boys. They are great sources of inspiration.

I need to combat this tiredness and busy mind and make sure I sit and write more often.  I want to try reading a poem a day or at least spending some time on my on-call mornings or my days off reading a few poems.  This might keep things flowing a little. Especially if I can find time to just sit and write.  I used to do this after putting Kyle down, sitting on our bed and writing my journal.  Maybe I could start this up again?   Some possibilities there but I will really try and “turn up” more often.

Hope you enjoyed my poem today.   Sorry to moan a bit but maybe you have been through similar phases?

Thanks for reading,

Jen xx


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