Traffic and Poorly Tummies

Hi everyone,

Such a busy couple of weeks so excuse me not blogging for a while.  I have been working on a few poems though, two of which I’m sharing with you today.

The first I starting composing when I was stuck in traffic.  You see I’ve been working in the Bexley area lately and the stretch of road I use to get there is the A2. The A2 has been nothing short of a nightmare lately which is rather awkward when you are a supply teacher and need to get to the school as soon as possible.  To their credit the schools have been understanding, often saying that others have been caught in traffic too. But it’s still a pain in the bum! Absolutely nothing fun about sitting in traffic, crawling along when you know you’re meant to be somewhere.   So here is my poem about traffic woes:


Traffic Jam

Sitting in traffic on the morning run
Isn’t it just so much fun!
I’m so glad I don’t do this every day
My destination is still two exits away
As far as the eye can see red lights surround me 
Frustration and boredom has truly found me
So I compose a poem to pass the time 
Who doesn’t love a little rhyme! 
Still so much of this journey to go 
How long exactly I really don’t know. 
It’s fair to say, it will be a while 
It takes an age to travel a mile
Under my breath I utter a profanity
Let’s hope by journeys end I still have my sanity

Jen Elvy


I’m sure there are a fair few for whom this will resonate.   As I said, I’m glad I don’t do it every day, and I know there are those that do and if that is you, I really feel for you.  I do the journey when I’m asked to work up that way and I don’t work every day. The particular day I wrote this I had the destination on my maps app on my phone and I could see the Estimated arrival time getting later and later. I distinctly remember being two exits away and we were all bumper to bumper, crawling along.  So so frustrating, but hey! I got a poem out of it! I hasten to add that I didn’t write it down until I had a spare moment later that day.  And alas, this wasn’t the completed poem.  I finished it off earlier last week based on my memories.  Hope you enjoyed.

The second poem I want to share was inspired by our family situation last weekend.   Our poor eldest son came down with another tummy bug, when he’d only got rid of the last one a fortnight ago.  It was heartbroken to see him suffer.  You just feel so helpless.   The nightmare continued this weekend with the youngest coming down with the bug and I got it the following day.  Joy! And it’s half term too!  So that was my reason for not blogging over the weekend.  Was a bit too busy with Sam and then being poorly myself.

Here is my poem inspired by the events of last weekend, in particular the early hours of last Saturday morning.



Up and down in the middle of the night
Hoping things improve before the morning light 

I hate to see my babies sick, it really breaks my heart
(For my youngest to sleep through would really be a start!)

The eldest has got a poorly tummy
The second this month, it really isn’t funny! 

He lays in his bed, so helpless and so weak
It’s fair to say that tomorrow is looking pretty bleak

But we’ll come through the other side before too long 
A little bit of rest and he can’t go far wrong 

And with time these little bugs will be few and far between 
Which is just as well really, two in a month is just mean! 

Jen Elvy


The poem has no title as yet.   The second line in the second verse refers to our darling Sam who decided to keep waking up so I was between the two bedrooms all night.  Hubby was a great help too. Thank you babe xxx

It’s fair to say the last couple of weekends have been trying to say the least.  Hoping that tummy bug well and truly pisses off and doesn’t come back, like ever, again!

Anyway sorry about the moany nature of my poems tonight but I hope you’ve enjoyed them.

Stay well one and all and thanks for reading.

Jen x x



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