School is Cool

Hi all,

Once again, a while since I last blogged but my darling little Sammy has decided to go through a bit of an awkward night phase which has left me with not a lot of energy or time in the evenings when I could be writing. But that’s a whole other poem and not one that I’ll bother you with today.

Today, I want to talk about School.  It’s the middle of November and I have started to see on social media that my friends who have children starting reception next September have started to look around schools and even submit their school choices.  I remember this time very well.  It was this time last year we were looking at schools for our little Kyle.  He is happy and settled into school now and is doing so well.  We love to hear what he’s been doing each day. (Again, a whole other poem!)  But I remember thinking it impossible that our biggest baby was approaching school age already.  Hadn’t I been carrying him in my belly at that stage four years ago? Now he was just moths from walking through big school gates! The thought made me quite emotional.

Fast forward a year and things have worked out just fine. We got our first choice of school, and Kyle has settled in well.  We went in to see his books the other day and he was so proud to show us what he’s been doing.  We have his first parents evening coming up this week too and after that I think a poem is in order! But today’s poem is not about Kyle. Today’s poem is a message to all those parents looking around schools and submitting applications for next September.  I know exactly how you are feeling and I remember my friends who had been through it all were a great support and source of knowledge and it was enough to know that they’d been there before and things were going well for them.  Today I want to pass my support onto those going through it all this year:

If you feel like time is slipping away
And you submitted your baby’s school choices today
Don’t be sad that the time has arrived
You will see a year from now how much they have thrived
You feel like they were born only yesterday
But it won’t be long before they have their first taster day
Their look of uncertainty will be replaced with a grin
And you will feel a surge of relief coming from within
Your baby will be absolutely fine
Now enjoy the summer holidays, have a glass of wine
And then the day of reckoning will be at your door
You will feel the nerves, the excitement and more
With a kiss goodbye they will walk into school
And with tears welling up you’ll have to play it cool
They will be just fine, there’s no need to fear
Before you know it pick up time will be here
They might not tell you everything straight away
But give them time it’s been a big day
They will settle in, they’ll make lots of friends
And the learning in reception never ends
Weeks will turn to months and the time will fly
Sometimes they’ll be tired, sometimes they’ll be high.
And even though you will dread the rainy school run
Life with your new school child will be so much fun

Jen Elvy

The first few lines came quite easily but I sort of ran out of steam.  It’s not that I didn’t know what I wanted to say, it’s just I needed to say it in a poem and a rhyming one at that and I sort of lost my way for a while as to how to do this. Maybe it was tiredness that made the thought of getting through the muddled words in my head too daunting.   But after a while and a bit of encouragement from my lovely hubby. (thanks babe xxx) I found the energy to carry on and finish the poem.  I am pleased overall.  The main message is that things will be absolutely fine.   Yes it is a big change but your child will be more than ready when the time comes. Everyone is in the same boat and  there will be a lot of caring and helpful adults to support the transition process.   Plus of course, having your support will really help them through.  You will soon get into a new routine with the school runs and the reading etc.  And all too soon you will be giving other parents the same advice as I’m giving you now.

I’m hoping I can write mroe over the next few weeks.  It’s just been a busy time.  As I said I hope to write a poem about how well Kyle has adjusted to school life and there will be other topics that come up too.  I really want to continue with my poetry and this blog so thank you for your continued support.

Hope to blog again v soon.

Jen xxx



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