Wedding Anniversary – Husband and Wife Poems

Hello everyone,

Today I can finally share a poem I wrote earlier this month.  I have referred to it but for a special reason I couldn’t share it until today.    This poem is my anniversary poem for my husband.   Thirteen years ago today we embarked on our journey as a couple, on our tenth anniversary, three years ago he proposed to me and we became husband and wife two years ago today. The 22nd November was always our day so it was fitting that we chose this day as our wedding day in 2014.  It was such an amazing day and we will treasure the memories forever.  We have the ceremony on DVD as well as other key parts of the day, for example our first dance and when Dan sang to me ( an amazing privilege  to have my new husband sing to me on our wedding day xxx).  It’s always lovely to watch it all back and relive magical moments.

The Anniversary Poem

How better to mark our anniversary than with a poem for my darling husband.  It wasn’t actually an easy poem to write. I am used to writing poems about the children and their adventures but I’m a little unpracticed when it comes to love poems as I always want to avoid being too cheesy and that is sometimes how I come across when I attempt this type of poem.  I mentioned in my writer’s block post that one way I have overcome writers block is to start the poem from scratch, or copy out the poem so I can see it with fresh eyes.  This is exactly what I did with my anniversary poem.  I was struggling with the first verse/couplet and it was whilst rewriting the poem that I realised I didn’t really need it.  gained a new perspective on the poem and that helped me to make my decision.   Soon after this, the poem was complete. It really helped as before I took the step to rewrite it, I was blocked and frustrated and didn’t know where to go next. I then created a card using a well known greeting card website and inserted the poem into my own personalised anniversary card.  Here is the poem: My hubby loved it. What do you think?


Second Anniversary

Three years ago you made my whole life
When you asked me to be your wife
We made our vows two years ago today
To love, to honour but perhaps not obey ; )
Together for thirteen years, married for two
I am a better person when I am with you
We have a bond that’s forever strong
Lovers and best friends, we can’t go wrong 
So on our second anniversary I just want to say
That you’re a wonderful husband in every way 

Jen Elvy

You see what I mean? The opening lines just work so well.  It depicts the elation I felt when Dan asked me to be his wife.  A perfect statement with which to open the poem.  My original first line was “Thirteen years ago, our journey began…” but I couldn’t think of a line to go with it that wasn’t cheesy. Nothing sat right with me, so I was pleased with my decision to start at a different point.  I wanted to mention the very beginning of our journey so I did so in the 5th line, “Together for thirteen years, married for two.”  It was all that was needed in terms of a reference to how long we have been together and it smoothly lead into the rhyming line “I am a better person when I am with you.”   So much of the poem changed in the rewrite and I believe it changed for the better.  I did include a couplet about the boys

We are the parents of two beautiful boys,
Our home is full of love, and we’re not short on noise

Sadly this made the rewrite but not the final edit as space in the card did not allow for it and this was a part I felt I could leave out without changing the tone of the poem.   I am so glad Dan likes his poem.  He kind of knew I had written one and so I’m glad I didn’t disappoint.  What I didn’t expect was for him to write me a poem too!

Dan’s Poem

Yes a twist in the tale indeed! Mind you Dan is great with words too! He writes his own blog and he also wrote a poem for our wedding, which was read by a really good friend of ours during the ceremony.  Dan is one of those people who can do anything they set their mind to and do it with style.  Multi-talented! I will share the wedding poem at the end of this post but first I want to share the poem he wrote for our anniversary:


We walk this journey together
From then, now ’til forever
Stronger as a two
It was always me and you

Now we have a family, Sam and Kyle
Never a chance to sit there for a while
Just to watch the life we created 
The home we built, now decorated

(Poems are your game, that much is true
Just remember, I’ll always love you)

Dan Elvy


I love this poem so much and was so touched to say the least that he’d done this for me. And what a poem! I love the way he uses rhyme.  Punchy lines like “stronger as a two, It was always me and you.”  really bring the poem to life.  Dan highlights the passing of time and hectic nature of life when he says “Never a chance to sit there for a while,  just to watch the life we created.”  As life moves fast and time passes, It seems there is rarely a chance to sit and watch the children and think “Wow, we created those little beings”  You have to take these moments and cherish them.  And the closing lines? So so sweet, and a perfect way to close the poem.  Thank you so much babe, Love you always xxxx

I will close the post by sharing the poem Dan wrote for our wedding, two years ago. We were asked to look for a reading to break up the ceremony, to give us a chance to pause and reflect and to gather our emotions.   We searched the internet but nothing really spoke to us.  Dan really wanted it to be special and personal so he took it upon himself to write a poem that felt right and resonated with us. Here it is. It is called True Love and our lovely friend Liz read it out for us on our wedding day.

True Love

What is true love?
True love comes in many forms
It binds us
It guides us
It reassures us

True love answers the unanswerable question
Removes all personal fear
It is the key to the heart
Key to the soul
It makes us complete

True love is the road of our journey
The ground that we tread
The scenery around us
And the goal up ahead

True love is being better together
Being stronger together
Giving strength to face the world

True love is the time that we share
Each moment better than the last
With memories that stay with us
And a golden future unsurpassed

True love is the key to our locks
It opens our doors
It welcomes us with loving embrace

True love is our home 

Dan Elvy 

A very special poem to both of us. It meant a lot to have a reading written by one of us with our journey in mind.   I love the last line of the poem, especially. True love is our home.  It depicts how at ease we feel with each other. Home is not only the four walls that surround us but the people who share our lives.  When I think of “coming home,” I think of Dan and the boys. They are my home.  My husband is my best friend.  My rock.  He always has been and always will be.

So I close by saying Happy Anniversary babe, I will always love you xxxx




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