I’m back baby! (bit crap at this lately!)

Hi everyone,

My posts are getting more and more irregualr and fo that I apologise.  You may appreciate that there comes a time when things go a bit dry and you produce less work and your interest diminishes slightly.  It can happen for various reasons. You might be simply too busy, too tired or simply a little out of material for the time being.  In my case I’ve been doing a bit of extra work in the run up to Christmas and in my spare time I’ve been quite tired so all I’ve wanted to do is read or slob in front of the telly and binge-watch my favourite shows.   There have been projects on the go and I’ve been working on them bit by bit but productivity has decreased considerably.  This little spell hopefully won’t last very long and with the holidays coming up I might be able to recharge slightly and write some more.

Fortunately today I found some time to finish a couple of projects that have been on slow burner for a while.  One is a poem about our soon to be five year old on the run up to his birthday.   It’s hard to believe he’s turning five and as one of my mum friends said to me a week or so back it feels like a big milestone, – five whole years old.  It really doesn’t seem long ago I was holding him in my arms in the hospital with his confused little face staring back at me!  Last year I published my poem about his birth but this year I decided to write his story in a bit more detail, depicting our awaiting his arrival and a bit about his first months too.  I’ve been writing it in stages over the past few weeks and I wasn’t sure for a while how far I was going to take it.  There came a point though where I could have rambled on about several of his milestones and moments from his life but I could have gone on forever so I had to close things off a bit.   I kind of like the way I brought things to a conclusion.   I desperately didn’t want it to fizzle out or become boring as I’m quite proud of some of the earlier lines and I wanted to keep up the momentum throughout the poem.

So without further ado, I give you:

The Story of Kyle 

This is the story of a boy named Kyle
Who lived inside my tummy for a while
He grew in there until he was ready
We bought  some clothes and a cute little teddy
Although when he wriggled he sometimes gave me cramp
We loved and cherished him and nick-named him Champ
I loved to feel him move around while I was in the bath
He’d do his Jaws impressions and make me laugh
“Kyle” I whispered softly, trying out his name
(By no other label would he be the same)
Then it was time, he would soon arrive
So to the hospital we had to drive
A tree in the foyer marked the season of cheer
And I knew that Christmas would be special this year
When we met our new baby boy
His tiny little face filled our hearts with joy
With tears of happiness we took him home
We couldn’t believe he was our very own
In his tiny sleepsuit he lay all snug
Visitors gathered to give him a hug
And before too long that boy named Kyle
Decided to give us a little smile
When that smile turned to a giggle we were blown away
He grew more personality with each passing day
All too soon he could sit up and crawl
With his desire to move he delighted us all
And then on the day that he turned one
We threw a party for him, it was such fun
And over the years he’s blossomed and grown
More and more wisdom he has shown
The birth of little Sam saw our family grow
And our Kyle makes an awesome big bro’
He’s a treasured member of our camp
And he always will be our little champ

Jen Elvy

I love the final couplet there. It’s so true as we still call him Champ to this day.  He used to protest “I’m not champ, I’m Kyle.” but he doesn’t so much now. Maybe he’s got used to his little nickname.  When I mention the Jaws impressions, by the way I am referring to seeing his little limb moving across the inside of my tummy like a shark’s fin would be seen moving across the surface of the water.  It was so surreal. I loved feeling him moving around in my tummy when I had a bath.   All these memories were five years ago now.  It seems so surreal.  If you have children around the same age you will understand how surreal it is to think that they were once in your tummy.   It just doesn’t seem possible now but there I was, five years ago with my little Kyle bump, waiting to be a mummy and wondering what our little boy would look like.  And when he arrived we fell in love instantly.  We are so very proud of him and hope that he has the most awesome birthday on Friday.  That’s what else is special this year –  his birthday falls on the same day of the week he was born.   – Friday.

So I turn now to our second born, who you know by now is Sam.  From his half birthday (when he turned six months old) to his first birthday I wrote a poem every month about where he was that month – as a little snapshot of Sam each month.  I wrote another one  a couple of weeks after he turned thirteen months.  I decided not to write one for fourteen months as not a great deal was different but now he is fifteen months – almost fifteen and a half months actually.  I started the poem I think just before he turned fifteeen months old and finished it today.   I hope it lives up to my earlier ones.

Sam at Fifteen Months

Now you are fifteen months old
And you’re a joy to have around
You eat everything that is edible
You throw everything that is round

You’ve learned to clap your hands now
And you’re giving walking a try
And when mummy and daddy go off to work
You always wave goodbye 

You still love all things musical
You jig up and down on the spot
You like mummy to sing you to sleep
Before you lie down in your cot

You’re emerging into toddlerhood
You’ll soon be off on your way
Your little family will be here for you
Each and every day

Jen Elvy

First of all I will say that after having written that he throws everything that is round, I will actually update you and say that he actually throws anything, regardless of it’s shape but hey, the word “round” fit with the rhyme and he does throw round things so the line stays!  therwise this is a pretty accurate picture of where Sam is at the moment.  He’s really getting there with walking at last and he’s so animated.  He’s a little darling.  Most of the time!  I am pleased with this poem as I like the rhythm, particularly in the first vese and I like using an alternate line rhyming pattern.  I think, however, that this will be the last milestone poem I write for a while.  For starters, I am running out of ways to close the poems off. There are only so many ways I can say that I love Sam, am proud of him and am always there for him.  Maybe in a few months when he’s changed a significant amount I can do another one but that’s it for now I think.  I’ll be looking for more subjects for my writing over the next year.

Speaking of which, I want to say that I have been really pleased about how my writing has gone and the direction it has taken.  I love writing poems and I’ve been so grateful for all your support and kind words over the last year so thank you!!  I am grateful to have this blog to share my ideas and work and I loved the challenge earlier in the year of writing a different poem every day. Maybe I’ll do a different course in the new year.

I do believe, though, that one reason for my dry spell lately might be that I’m seeking something fresh and new in my work.  I love writing about life as a mother and my lovely family but I may be kind of out of ideas in that respect and craving a new approach or a new subject.  One cure for writers block I mentioned in an earlier blog post was change.  I’m not saying I’ve got complete writer’s block but things have definitely slowed down lately.  Maybe some change is in order for 2017.  Some new subjects maybe?

Here are some more ponderings about where my writing can go next year –

  1. Could I go back to fiction?  I’ve been thinking about this a bit lately. Am I done with fiction writing or could there still be a story in me? I have an imagination that is at times overactive so should I be putting it to some use?
  2. Could I publish a children’s book or even a baby book?  a lot of children’s literature uses rhyme and I feel that this isn’t completely out of reach for me.  A parent of a child in the nursery I work at has published a children’s book and it is a rhyming story.  I was in awe and I thought Could I do this?  It is a definite possibility.  I also read a lot of baby/toddler board books and they are often written in rhyme and I ask myself the same question Could I do it?  I feel I’m not in the right mindset at the moment but I will be looking into this.
  3. Where could I publish my work?  having played around with my poetry this year, isn’t it time to make a bit of money, knowing how well my work has been received at times?  I have sent a couple of things off but I’ll be looking at more possibilities hopefully next year.

All good questions so watch this space.  I will continue with this blog but you may have to be a bit patient with me for a while.


I will try and post before the end of the year but if not, thank you all so much for your support.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Jen xx


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