Hello and happy new year. Hope 2017 is a great year for you all!

Welcome to January. The month of being skint after Christmas, the month of winter flu, the month of “new beginnings.” It’s hard to believe we are half way through the month already.

Tomorrow is the day that marks 13 years since my Dad passed away.  As much as I try not to let it dictate my day, (afterall we should celebrate our loved ones lives not focus on the day they died, right?) I always feel a certain sadness on the anniversary day. I just try to move past that sadness and get on with the day. For the last couple of years my poetry has served as a way of paying tribute to my Dad.

Last year I wrote a message of positivity, hope and rememberance. You can read the poem in my post that I published back in July, entitled Happy Birthday Dad.

To start gathering ideas for this years poem, I began by writing about the day as a non-rhyming poem.   It was a way of getting my ideas and thoughts out. Then I stumbled on the idea of spending one more day with him and thinking about what I would say. So my little ramblings began to gain structure.

To begin with, I didn’t use rhyme but when I attempted the poem as a rhyming poem it actually felt more natural and sounded ok so I went with it.  I’d written quite a bit the day before but my hubby pointed out that the poem might work better if I made it a bit less personal so it could be about anyone who had lost a parent or carer.   The rhyme, as I said felt right and it was quite easy in the end to do a more generic version of what I’d already written.

Here is the poem:

If I could bring you back to earth
For just one day
There are so many things
That I would want to say
I’d tell you I’m sorry
For all that I did wrong
I’d tell you that I try
Every day to be strong
I’d let you know that you were right
About so many things
But I didn’t realise til the day
They gave you angel’s wings
I’d tell you I’m eternally grateful
For all your love and care
And that when I needed you
You were always there
I’d tell you that I love and miss you
Every single day
But I know deep down in my heart
That you’ll never be far away

Jen Elvy

I am pleased with it overall.  This version went through some editing too.  Due to an oversight,  I ended up with the word “day” ending both the second and the third line so the poem read:

If I could bring you back to earth
For just one day
I’d tell you that I love and miss you
Every single day

Oopsy! a bit of tweaking was needed.   I added in the line “There are so many things that I would want to say.”   Then I tried to tweak the bit about loving and missing him but changing word order and rhymes but it didn’t quite gel so I decided to omit this part of the poem and add it at the end.   Along with the idea that our loved ones are never far away, this seemed to work well.

I’m actually going to close off there as I’m knackered but I’ll share another poem very soon, I promise.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Jen xx



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