Back Again – Must Get Motivated!

Hello  all,

It seems that I have well and truly dropped from blogging once a week or once a fortnight to blogging once a month.  I do want to post more frequently and I may well start trying harder, even if I have no new work to show you.

The fact is motivation has been a bit of a struggle of late. There is always something else to do and I’ve been busy with work.  In the time I have as my own, I haven’t, sad as it seems, felt like sitting down and writing a poem.  I’ve been doing more reading and chilling of an evening.  Motivation has been hard.

However, I haven’t stopped writing completely.  I managed to get my act together to write a poem for Dan for his birthday and another one for Valentines day.  I won’t be sharing these today, Firstly because they are for my husband and secondly because I’m not really sure if they reflect my best work.   Dan did appreciate them but deep down I knew I could probably do better if I spent a bit more time on them.  Still, they were gestures for my dear hubby and I couldn’t let either occasion go by without a poem.

One poem I am going to share is my 17 month one for Sam.  He is now nearly 18 months but that’s how long it’s taken me to get the poxy thing written, if you’ll pardon my expression.  When trying to write it initially, it seemed to be going well but the next time I visited it I changed it quite a bit as I didn’t like it.  When I tried to write more it just felt like the rhymes were forced and not good enough.  I became frustrated, even ranting on Facebook!   However, the next time I viewed it I made a few positive changes that I felt worked for me.  After that I just needed a closing couplet.  Now, I feel I’m running out of these as there’s only so many times I can use certain rhymes and I fear I am starting to repeat myself a little. I wanted the final lines to mark his transition into toddlerhood. I just struggled to fine a decent rhyme.  In the end I was pleased with the outcome.

So here’s my poem about my youngest son Sam, at 17 months old:

Seventeen months and still you grow
And now you’ve seen your first fall of snow

[You weren’t impressed though, you whinged and cried
We couldn’t make you excited, however hard we tried ]

You love to push your cars along the floor and off the table
You wouldn’t keep a room tidy even if you were able

Still wakeful at night but a joy during the day
Even though, like a cannonball, you destroy everything in your way

Your zombie walk has gone now, but you still have your waddle
I feel so much pride as across the floor you toddle

You amuse yourself so much, and it’s such a joy to see
And when a certain piggy comes on telly your face is full of glee

A sweet little toddler you truly are
Mummy and Daddy’s little star

Jen Elvy


Just a few explanations:

His zombie walk refers to the way he used to walk with his arms outstretched in front of him.  Was so cute but sadly is no more. His hands are often by his side now. He finally mastered walking on new years day, I think.  Unlike our eldest son, he was a slow burner, taking about a month to really get established.

And the pig that comes on telly? It’s Peppa pig of course! He absolutely adores that show, flapping his arms and grinning at his favourite bits.

It’s such a joy to see him grow and change.  It’s all going so fast though. Time is racing by!


A good thing is, I’m starting to work on poems again in my head whilst doing jobs and settling Sam.  I feel this stopped for a while but it’s a good sign it’s coming back.

I thought up this one just the other day:


I’m finding writing a bit of a chore
I wince as I see you all producing more
With the daily grind and distractions all around
I’m finding it hard to keep my feet on the ground
So excuse me while I sort out this mess
Be assured I’m not laying my poetry to rest
Time and practice is what I need
My creative mind I want to feed

Jen Elvy

Not bad for a little poem I dreamt up whilst sorting out the washing, eh?  Still might need some work one day but it reflects some of my struggles of late.

Whilst sometimes motivation runs short, I draw inspiration from poetry bloggers such as Rhyming With Wine and one I found on facebook a while ago called The Lyrical Mummy.   Both are brilliant and write about similar subject matters to me. I want to continue to read others’ work to inspire me to keep going.

Maybe I should also try daily prompts again to freshen up my work.

Thank you for your support and patience,

I’ll blog again v soon,  I hope.

Jen x


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