Mother’s Day

Hi everyone,

I wrote a poem today.  A year ago that wouldn’t have been very big news. In fact you probably would have said to me, “So, what’s new?” as back then I was knocking out at least two poems a week, sometimes closer to one a day.  However as I’ve mentioned ideas and poems aren’t exactly coming thick and fast lately so today was an achievement.

I used the “Just write” approach today, which worked well.  As the name suggests it simply involves just writng and seeing what I produce.   Before I started writing I had a read of some of my own work, which I’ve been meaning to do for ages.  It was very encouraging and reminded me what I could write when I had the time or was in the right mood.   At first, though, nothing new came. Or should I say, the desire didn’t come.  Considering how productive I have been in the past, this made me sad. It made me feel like I was going to start my dry spell all over again, but what was the point in forcing it?

But wait, it was worth continuing.  In the end, I just opened a document, with a topic in mind and started to compose a poem.  Of course, today being Mother’s day, I wanted to write a Mother’s day poem so off I went.  And as it happened it flowed quite nicely.  At the end, I felt that it was good but, whilst it was general and not personal to me, it felt a bit too general and didn’t feel like it would touch a deep emotion.  Mind you, not every poem has to do this, I guess, so with that in mind, I sent it to my husband to see what he thought.

Encouraged by his positive response, (What would I do without you, babe?) I have decided to share it, so here it is:

Mother’s Day

Wishing a happy Mother’s Day
To mothers everywhere
You do so much to show
That you love and you care

When we are feeling low
You are a listening ear
A shoulder to cry on
A voice to calm our fear

You have wiped our noses
Picked us up when we fell down
And cringed when we have thrown
A tantrum while in town

And if you’ve grown your angel’s wings
And you are no longer here
We remember you so fondly
Although we shed a tear

It may be that your children
Are now fully grown
And now have children
Of their very own

Wherever you are, mothers
Know that you are treasured
And that your greatness
Can simply not be measured

Jen Elvy

Reading it again, I’m pleased with the way it turned out and I only hope, despite my busier schedule, I can get into a bit of a flow with my writing again.

One thing that has frustrated me lately is my apparent inability to write from prepared notes and practice sessions.   A while back, I collected some rhyming words, first from memory and then adding words I found on Rhymezone, which is an online rhyming aid I occasionally use (but only when the word fits)  From these lists I wanted to produce some rhyming couplets or maybe a whole poem, but to my frustration, when I actually sat down to do this, it didn’t happen that way.  I produced a few lines but nothing I felt was good enough or that really sparked anything.   I discovered today that I’m better off writing my poems straight off, working out rhymes as I go along.  This is probably because of the nature of what I write. My poems start with a feeling or an idea and to have too many notes and plans just doesn’t seem to work for me.

Having said that, I do think that my notes and rhyming practice sessions do have a place in my work.   But how can I use them without stifling my creativity?

  1.  Continue to collect rhyming words and lines but keep this seperate from my poetry sessions.  Hopefully any words that I collect can work their way into my subconscience and find their way into my work.
  2. Have notes in front of me when writing but only for reference.  Refer to them if I get stuck on a rhyme or in case one of the lines I write comes in handy.  I can even keep a record of rhymes I use in each poem and expand my list further during another session.

Think I can do a bit of both techniques so all is not lost.  I’m hoping this little epiphany tonight will help me to chill out with my writing and hopefully I’ll have another blog post for you before too long.

See you soon and if you are a mum, I hope you have had a fabulous Mothers day.  This post is for you.  Thinking also of those whose Mums have grown angel wings and are no longer with us. I send you a big hug and remind you that your mum is still with you every day.  I dedicate this post to you too and I’m sorry if it has been upsetting to read.

Lots of love

Jen xxx



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