FAO Neighbours Fans

Hi everyone,

Today I try something new and put out something not about my life but about the life of certain Australian soap characters.  After getting a bit soppy today, I chose them as subjects in hope of sharing my work with fans of the show.  It may fall flat, It may be ignored but it’s my work and I wanted to put it out there.

I actually didn’t expect today’s little session to end in producing a poem so it was a pleasant surprise.   As I said in my previous post, I want to continue to collect new rhymes but write poems off the cuff, which I did today and it worked.  I started by reading some poetry online and collecting some rhyming pairs.  For each pair I collected, I added one more.  This served as a confidence boost. I’ve still got it! And collecting just two rhyming words can start off a string.

The next thing I did was think about something that had got me a bit emotional today.   It was an episode of my favourite soap, Neighbours.  If you don’t watch it, then maybe the details and background will probably sound cheesy but credit to the writers and the actors, they really brought it to life and performances were amazing.

Here is my poem:

An Ode To Toadie and Sonya

A  couple together through thick and thin
A misunderstanding, a cardinal sin
A man in despair chooses his past
But desperately wants his marriage to last 
A surrogate baby so tragically lost 
She wanted to help, whatever the cost 
The ultimate price was a union so strong
A selfless act was to be their swan song

Jen  Elvy


I was surprised how quickly and smoothly this came together.  The only bit I struggled with slightly was the close of the poem but changing a rhyme sorted that out.

The poem deals with the issues involved in the break up of a seemingly solid couple and I hope fans of the show can appreciate it as it will be lost on anyone who doesn’t watch it, perhaps.  If that is you then all I can say is I’ll be back soon with some more poetry on a different subject.

Thank you for reading and letting me air this poem.  It’s all about putting it out there.

Jen xxx



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