Time Flies

Yes it certainly does and it seems that it’s been a while since I posted last.  I think I need some kind of routine to this so at least once a week I will try and sit down and write something, even if it’s just writing practice to begin with.   I haven’t come up with anything whilst out and about so I think I should commit to setting some time aside.  That is a work in progress.

I will begin by saying a big THANK YOU.  As some of you know, I now have a facebook page as I thought it might be nice to showcase some of my work on social media.  I have been flattered by the response so far so thank you to everyone who has liked my page.  Your support means so much! xxx Also, last night I published my latest poem on my page and it’s had an amazing response so thank you so much if you liked, commented or shared.  It means so much.  I’m just so glad that you enjoyed the poem.

I will share the poem with you here and tell you a bit about the writing process and how it came about.  I will round up with some tips/advice for fellow writers.

So without further ado, here is the poem:

Time Flies 

Sometimes I sit and
Just watch you play
Knowing you won’t be
So little one day.

I take in your face
And your wispy blonde hair,
Your little button nose
And your blue eyed stare

One day your face will change
You’ll lose your baby ways
Chatter will turn to word
And word will turn to phrase

I can’t wait to watch you
Learn more and more through play
And I really want to hear
What you have to say

But I want to live in the moment
I want this phase to last
Why must time
Always go by so fast?

Jen Elvy


I hope you enjoyed the poem and I’m sure many of you can relate.   It’s that conflict between wanting to just freeze time and keep them little but also knowing that you can’t wait to see them change and grow. And maybe there’s a little phase that you secretly want to hurry along, like the suffering of teething, that stage where you have to follow them around everywhere because you never know what they are going to get up to next.   I remember being in the park with the boys after school, before Sam could walk and I said to some of the mums “It will be lovely when Sam can walk around so he can enjoy the park more.”  He used to crawl around the park and I’d be constantly fearful of children treading on his fingers or reluctant to let him crawl if the ground was wet.  Then he learned to walk and now he’s an established walker.  I was right. He can enjoy the park and wander around happily.  However we are now on the following closely on his tail” phase where he’s everywhere and into everything. I love to see my baby explore, I really do.  I just sometimes wish he’d explore in a more cautious way! But of course, I know that’s impossible and for now I am happy to follow my little cannonball, make sure he doesn’t get in any scrapes and keep him out of harms way.   I am treasuring this phase because in no time he will be as old as Kyle and I will find it hard to imagine him being so little, just as I do with Kyle now.  (We have our home videos though, which are lovely)

But my main point is that half of me is like ooh I can’t wait til he can talk, walk without the buggy, sense dangers ahead of him, etc but the other half just wants to keep him this size forever.  With each stage, will come new challenges and I know we have lots to look forward to but at the same time, oooh my baby won’t be my baby for much longer.  Am I ready?

So those strong emotions, I knew I could use for a poem. I was searching around for a subject matter and then, like a bulb lighting up in my head, I was like, hello? You know this nostalgia vs anticipation feeling you have? Go with it! It’s good.  I finally had time the other night to sit and read some poetry and then try and write something too.  I read poetry about toddlers and I think the poems I read really set the scene for the poem above. They were all on the “I won’t always be this small,” theme so it was perfect.

I started by writing the first verse, which was more or less the first verse you see in the poem, give or take a couple of words.  Then the rest of the verses that I wrote were actually not my best work.   They didn’t match up to the powerful message in the first verse.  I realised this especially after a day or two, after I’d left them and then come back. A fresh pair of eyes is vital sometimes.

When I reviewed my writing, I found that I loved the first verse so I kept it, and started the other verses again.  The poem didn’t come too easily as I wanted to strike the right tone.   I’m quite proud of the second verse as description is not usually my forte, but I followed the old saying, keep it simple! And I think it works quite well, don’t you?

Unlike some of the other poems I have written, I actually spent quite a lot of time deliberating over different rhymes because nothing seemed to sound the way I wanted it to, but I persevered and in the end, I got there.  I had a poem I was happy with.   I had a rough idea of the struture and that came quite naturally.  I knew what I wanted to say. I just needed to find the right way to convey the message and find the right rhymes that didn’t sound forced.

But as I say, I’m pleased with the end result and I’m so glad so many of you enjoyed it too.

My  tips for fellow writers that emerge directly from this poem are:

  • Persevere – keep going, don’t give up.  If necessary leave the poem overnight and see how you feel in the morning but keep at it and don’t give up.
  • If you have an idea, just go for it. Just write.  You can change what you write later. Edit, polish, whatever. Just make a start and you will hopefully find that the words start to flow.
  • If not happy, don’t be afraid to start from scratch.  I have said this in previous blog posts.  Please don’t delete the original work as it could form the basis for the edited version but if things aren’t flowing start again from the point at which you thought it was working.
  • Take a break and then come back A fresh pair of eyes can be very positive and if you feel things aren’t going right or you simply feel you might have a first draft but it needs a bit of work, feel free to stop, take a break and review it when you come back.  But the important thing is MAKE SURE YOU COME BACK! (refer to first tip)

Thats about all from me tonight, except to say that if you would like to read some of my work before it is published on here and (and some that may not be) and keep up to date with goings on, feel free to like my facebook page:


Hope the above link works, if not I will amend. The title of the page is simply “Jen’s Poems”

Thank you all again for your continued support.

Jen xx



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