A Pledge

Hi everyone,

Back again for another blog.  Today I bring you a new poem and a bit about what I’ve been doing towards my storywriting goal (and I do say a bit as it’s work in progress).  An exciting time for my writing!

So I thought, after so long I’d better write another poem and after considerable thought the idea came to me to extend a small rhyme I’d written about a little birthday present I had bought myself.  My new running shoes.  It’s not the shoes themselves that I’m writing about but what they represent. A new start.  The first step to hopefully a more healthier and fitter me.   Here are my new running shoes, funded by birthday money from my lovely in-laws.

IMG_1373I posted this picture to facebook on Saturday with a mini rhyme to say thank you for the money and to show them and others what I had bought.  I don’t make a habit of thanking people via social media but it seemed fitting in this case.   While I was settling little Sam last night I came up with an extension to the little rhyme I’d written, detailing my goal in full. Honestly, I owe half of my poetry repetoire, if not more, to my youngest son’s bedtime settling time.  It must be the quiet, calming atmosphere that just allows me to relax and unwind and play with some ideas. I love doing this without the pressure of putting pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard, as is more often the case.

So I will let my poem explain my pledge:

It was my birthday earlier in the week
And amongst all my wonderful treats
My lovely in-laws for my special day
Kindly sent some money my way
And rather than sweeties and chocolate bics
I spent it on something that will keep me fit
These new running shoes are a symbol of how
I’m going to stop being a lazy fat cow
I once said to a friend “I don’t do running”
I have since tried and the results have been stunning
But like an alcoholic returning to the source
I’ve always gone back to eating like a horse
I’ve been using my babies as an excuse
But it’s really not their fault my clothes don’t feel loose
The sweets and chocolate are my downfall
Or anything containing any sugar at all
But now I’m gaining back control
And going with the feelings in my soul
I may never be a perfect size ten
But I’d quite like to be slim again
It won’t be all misery and starvation
The key is everything in moderation
So with the help of these running shoes and self discipline too
I’ll become the slim person that you once knew

Jen Elvy

And just like that, my drive begins.  I must admit, although the run didn’t happen tonight because of the rain, things are starting to shift already.  I’m resisting sweet things more than usual and it’s come so suddenly.  Like I’ve gone from no will power to a considerable amount.  Usually when I diet it is when the results are showing that my willpower improves or when I up the excercise but I’m finding myself able to resist sweet things more often. In fact it’s a case that I don’t fancy them so resisting is easy.   Take this afternoon for example.   I visited the bakery near where I was working and usually, along with the savoury, I would almost always pick out a cake.  In fact it was a compulsion.  Must Have Cake!!!! But today? Not one part of me, wanted a cake.  It was freaky.  Like someone had flicked a switch inside me.  A positive sign but rather unsettling! Long may it continue!

I hope you enjoy the poem. I liked how the ideas and rhyme flowed.   And some of you might identify with the ideas.  The eternal struggle of dieting.  Hoping to succeeed this time. I have done it a few times now and I can do it again.  I will keep you posted.

In other news… I haven’t had a chance to write any more  children’s stories but I have been gathering inspiration and ideas.  My Pinterest “children’s writing” board is gathering momentum (flilling with pictures of fairy gardens and pretty inspirational pictures that are getting me fired up to write more. I just love Pinterest.  I also have a board of children’s books that I want to read as research and I have a couple of other children’s chapter books on loan from the library.  Maybe I will raid my collection at my mum’s house another time.  Not to mention charity shops and Baggins, a local second hand bookshop.  And I’m keeping an eye out in schools that I’m working in and will be noting down some titles of books that might prove helpful!

Watching Ben and Holly with the boys has also been a good source of inspiration! And lots of fun! And a welcome break from our friend Peppa Pig!

I will keep you posted on all fronts and will be posting some Father’s Day poems in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, thanks for reading and see you soon,

Jen xx


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