Father’s Day Poems – a little late – oopsy!

Hi all. For father’s day this year, I decided to throw caution to the wind and do a homemade card from the boys to their Daddy.  I wrote a poem to put inside that was shorter than last year’s effort but still very fitting.  The boys added their handprints and it made a lovely little card. Especially considering that Kyle, my eldest wrote the greeting on the front.   I will do something more artistic next year but here is the card. IMG_1465.JPG

And here is the poem I wrote my dear hubby for father’s day, on behalf of myself and our lovely boys:

A spirited little mini-you who wants to learn
And a toddler who wants to see the world burn
A father who guides them as they grow
And loves them like they will never know
A mother, eternally thankful and glad
That her kids have such a wonderful Dad

Jen Elvy

Short but sweet and Dan loved the poem and the card.   The first line celebrates how much our eldest son is like his Dad and how he’s getting so independent minded and curious about the world.  The second line celebrates our little hurricane. Our youngest son. Our clumsy, loveable, early rising son.  After Sam woke us early yet again one morning, Dan once commented that “he wants to see the world burn” which is a quote from a batman film.  It seemed very appropriate at the time! And it’s sort of stuck with our little Sam.

The rest of the poem speaks for itself and we do feel very lucky to have Dan in our lives.  More than he will ever know.

I wrote another Father’s Day poem.  I wanted to address the fathers we celebrate on Fathers day.  The hard working, the long distant but dedicated and the dearly departed.  The latter of course, includes my own Dad who was a loving and devoted Dad in every way.   He was sadly missed this Father’s day, as he is every day.

Here is my Father’s Day Poem:

Your Day

To all the fathers who work so hard
Who love their children wholly and unconditionally
This day is for you

To all the fathers who want to be there every day
But cannot
But carry their children in their heart
This day is for you

To all the fathers that are no longer with us
Who we remember so fondly
And miss so sorely
Every single day
We raise a glass to you
This day will be yours always
Wherever you may be

Jen Elvy

I felt it more appropriate to write a poem dedicated to all father’s this year and within it is my tribute to my dear husband and also my Dad.  Both men have taught me so much about life and parenthood.  Both men are wonderful fathers.  Dan is there for us every single day and loves us unconditionally.   Dad will always be with us and is never far away.   xxxx

So here’s to all the dads.  All our heroes.

xxxx Jen xxx




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