New Beginnings and Reflecting on Memories.

Hi all!

I have quite a collection to share with you today.  Most unusual as productivity has slowed down a little lately but I had a bit of a queue of poems I wanted to write and happily, I managed to write them all.

Perseverance has been the key lately. Sometimes I am finding that the rhymes aren’t flowing as easily as they once were.  Yes, it is true that a poem doesn’t have to rhyme but rhyming is my structure and unless I keep the pattern tight, my non rhyming poems end up as prose written as a poem.  Not to say I won’t try non-rhyming again one day.

The first of my poems I want to share is one that evoked a strong response on my facebook page.  It seemed many mums could relate to the subject matter and it wasn’t just me experiencing the emotions.  Fearing that I would forget.  Thank you to all who shared and commented.  Your support means more than you will ever know.

The idea came when watching my two boys as they play and explore the world.  We have our five year old, just leaving reception (more on that later) having completed his first year at school, and our nearly 2 year old,  finding his way in the world and on the edge of talking. (hopefully, I do love it when they learn to speak).   It upsets me a bit that although we have lots of  photos and videos of our eldest as a toddler, I just can’t picture him that little anymore.  Maybe because the toddler in the family is now our youngest and he is the one I see as our little one. Nevertheless I just want to lock up all the memories forever.  I know some will fade with time and some I might forget altogether one day and that scares me.  I love that I keep a diary so I can hold on to these memories and I think I do still remember more than I think.   These memories are precious and holding on to them is important.   So here is the poem, dedicated to both of the boys.


Children grow so quickly
Time goes by so fast
So many lovely memories
From times gone past

I hope I’ll always remember
When you were very small
Your little wobbly steps
And when you first kicked a ball

I hope I’ll always remember
The way you toddled about
Your husky little giggle
Your sweet little pout

I hope I’ll always be able
To see that little face
When someday you are in
A more grown up place

I’m looking forward to things to come
But I’m scared that I will forget
The precious times when you were small,
The day when we first met

We have a million photographs
And videos we view with pride
But it gets so hard to see
The pictures in our mind

I want to collect these moments
And lock them all away
So that I can relive them
Every single day


Jen Elvy

As I said, many related to this poem, which showed, of course that I wasn’t alone in wanting to treasure the memories and keep them fresh.  I think it is fitting as well as the end of the school year has arrived and children will soon be moving up to the next class.

This brings me to my next poem about our eldest child.  As I said, he’s completed his first year of school and we think he’s done so well.   That shy little boy we once knew is disappearing and in his place, a more confident and assured little boy is emerging.  He’s made some good friends and they will remain his companions as he grows and progresses through the school.  This is the main message of the poem.  I wanted to give a sense that they will grow together, learn together, explore together.  He is not alone in his journey with a supportive family and lovely friends by his side.   So here is my poem for Kyle.

Time for Year One

Your reception year is over
Can’t believe how you’ve grown
You’ve learned so much
And time has really flown

                       It’s time for you and your classmates
                                         To move up to Year One
                       You’ll have lots of new adventures
                                         It’s going to be such fun                                            r

Your solid little friendship group
Will be with you all the way
They’ll be right beside you
As you work and as you play

So enjoy Year One my lovely boy
And do your very best
But in the meantime, summer is here
And you can have a rest


Jen Elvy

I had fun with the wording and rhyming of this one!! It was a slow process but with this and other poems I am sharing today I followed a simple rule, If a rhyme doesn’t work change the word order or find a new way of saying what you want to say.  It is not easy and highly frustrating at times, but as I said the key is to keep going and you get there in the end.  And another golden rule to follow is to take a break and come back to it the next day.  I am pleased with the end result. It flows nicely and I think I’ve rounded it off well.   That’s always been something I’ve had to think more about, an ending that rounds off the poem.

Now we move to our youngest son, Sam.  He turns two at the end of August and he’s changed so much since I last wrote a poem about him.  I wanted to capture the little boy he is now.  So without further ado,  `Here is my poem for Sam.

Approaching the Twos

At nearly two years old
You’re a lovely little boy
Happy when you’re playing
With a push along toy

You have that mischievious giggle
You destroy everything in your path
You love to play with your animals
Especially your ducks in the bath

You love a story now
You often bring us a book
And now rather than chewing it
You like to take a look

When you are cross and tired
You’re not afraid to show it
You still love your food
But you also like to throw it

Your little noises show
You are almost ready to speak
But in the meantime
You simply like to squeak

We love you little Sammy,
Everything about you
And I think it’s fair to say
That we wouldn’t be without you

Jen Elvy


The poem captures him more or less as he is now, a cheeky little boy with a husky laugh,  into everything and always on the move.   There were some rhymes there that wrote themselves, such a speak and squeak and throw it and show it but others didn’t come as easily.  I actually jiggled the verses around a bit before finishing as I felt the verse about him speaking and squeaking should come near the end.  Then of course, the closing verse. I knew I wanted to basically say that we wouldn’t be without him, that he completes our family.  I just had to find the rhymes to go with them.   It didn’t prove too difficult in the end.  Again, perseverance! Keep at it!


My fourth and final poem is a tribute to my lovely Dad on what would have been his 97th birthday.  I love that I can use poetry now to mark these days when before I was lost as to how to pay tribute to him.  I thought of him, I felt a bit sad, but I always felt there was something more I could do, so I value the opportunity to put my feelings into a poem.  So here it is, Dad. My poem for your special day.

To Dad, on your 97th Birthday

Not a day goes by when I don’t
Think of my lovely dad
Of all the love you gave us
And the happy times we had
Today it’s your birthday
And although you’re no longer here
I’m sending you love and good wishes
As I know that you are near
The sun is shining today
Heaven is sending a smile
So today I’ll sit some place
And remember you for a while

As if I could ever forget
Happy birthday Dad


Jen Elvy

The title is a homage to my mum, who, for years wrote in my cards “To Jenny on your xth birthday” (where x was of course my age) I’ve only just thought of that idea and it did make me smile.  The first few lines came easily.  I stalled a bit on the next bit, searching for the right tone, but I think what I produced was quite fitting as I never feel Dad is far away.  And I love the bit about heaven sending a smile as I’m not the best at symbolism.   Yes the sun was out during the morning but it rained later on so maybe it could have been a brief hello smile from Dad. Well you never know!  The last couple of lines are important although they don’t fit in with the rhyming structure.  I will never forget Dad and I think of him every day.   And every year on his birthday and anniversary too, I intend to write a poem.  I will write about him on other days if the muse strikes but rest assured he is always in my thoughts, even when, as he himself said, life takes over.

x x x x x x

Thank you for reading and for your continued support.





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