Something Different

While responding to some picture prompts yesterday, as research and practise  for writing children’s fiction,  I was inspired to respond in a way I didn’t expect.  My intention has always been to continue to write poems but to begin to write stories for children.   Who knows, one day I might do what many authors have done and that I admire greatly, and that is to write a story in rhyme.   The first author I think of in this case is Julia Donaldson.  A talented lady!

With regard to my fiction, I realised that I needed to do a bit of research before I attempted another story.   I wrote a story recently that showed good promise but there were gaps in the structure and the plot.  I need to read more for my intended audience.  The rainbow magic series has proved a valuable source.

I am a little blocked when trying to write children’s stories at the moment. It’s as though my confidence has wavered.  But I will be back.  In the meantime, whilst looking on PInterest, I found some poems about fairies. As you might have read, I want my stories to include a fantasy element such as elves, fairies and gnomes.  I have been totally inspired by some of the pictures I have collected so far.   It was  when I came across the poems that I decided to have a go at writing my own poem on the subject. I seem to be on a bit of a roll with my poems lately so when responding to the picture below (which is not mine and I hope whoever took this beautiful photo does not mind me sharing it on this blog) I decided to respond with a poem.  I have included the picture too so you can see my inspiration.


Here is the poem:

There is a little tree
Where all the gnomes play
There’s lots for them to do
Even when skies are grey

The gnomes have a little rope
On which they like to play
They have a few thick branches
On which they like to sway

They have some little mushrooms
They jump from one to the other
And when it starts to rain
They run underneath for cover

And when night breaks
They go through the tiny door
And climb into their beds and dream
Of places they want to explore

And in the morning they rise
From their little gnome beds
And fun ideas of what to do today
Soon fill their little gnome heads

Jen Elvy

So what do you think?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

My verdict:

Well I surprised myself with this one. I assumed I could only write poems about family and things in my life.  I never dreamt I would even try something like this.  For a first effort I’m actually pleased with it.  The simple language and rhyme hopefully lends itself to a younger audience and I hope it would capture their imagination.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and as I said your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

See you soon,

Jen xx


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