Continuing the Fantasy Theme

Hi everyone,

I’ve enjoyed taking a different direction with my poetry, altering my target audience.  I still fully intend to write poetry on the family theme as well.  I wrote a poem for a friend last week and I am currently working on Sam’s birthday poem.  That is going to be hard. I’ve written so much about him that I’m in danger of repeating myself!

However, I enjoyed writing the last fantasy poem.  I feel that poetry is a good form for me as it keeps structure tight and stops me going off on a tangent.   And I discovered with my next children’s poem that maybe I could write a rhyming story afterall.  It came easier than I thought.  It was another response to a picture prompt but the picture was the starting point and didn’t contribute a lot to the writing of the poem so I will not share the picture on this occasion.  I will tell you that it was a woodland house surrounded by a dense forest.  It provided a starting point of inspiration for the poem, which tells a little story. Here it is :

Fairy Adventure 

Outside a little house
In a deep dark wood
Elegant and dainty
A little fairy stood

As I got closer
She asked me my name
She sprinkled fairy dust
So our sizes were the same

She then ran away
And I followed after
As I approached her
I could hear her laughter

When I caught up
She whispered to me
“I live over there
In that little tree”

So off we went
To her fairy house
And there we saw
A tiny fairy mouse

“His name is Timmy,”
She said to me
And then she said
“Will you stay for tea?”

So we ate fairy cakes
And strawberry ice cream
We chatted for hours
It felt like a dream

But just when I was
Having such fun
She said “Look at the time,
You must run”

She magic’d me back
To my normal size
When she opened the door
I couldn’t believe my eyes

I was back home
In my very own room
I hope I have another
Fairy adventure soon

Jen Elvy


I was surprised how naturally it seemed to come and I can’t quite believe I’ve wrtitten a narrative poem for children.  I have a growing collection of pictures on PINterest I can use for inspiration so I hope I can write more in the near future.

The next poem I want to share, I will share along with the picture as it acts as the focal point for the poem as well as the starting point so I feel I need to share it.  At first I wasn’t sure where to go with it.  I panicked, already afraid of my work being “samey” and I was lacking new ideas.   I looked at this picture:


and thought, Where can I go with this, where I haven’t gone before? Who lives in this house? What happens?  After much pondering and a few little ideas, I decided to go with the ‘Who lives here?’ angle:

Enchanted House 

Who lives in the enchanted house?
Is it a little gnome with a pet mouse?
Or is it where fairies come home to bed
To sleep off the magic and rest their heads?

Who lives in the house with the red pointy roof?
Is it the elf who seems quite aloof?
And hides away among many a tree?
Is that why nobody’s ever been to tea? 

Who lives in the house with ivy around the walls?
Is it where the goblins come when evening falls?
Or where the fairies gather to learn their magic spells?
I know that someone knows the truth but no one ever tells!

Jen Elvy


I am pleased with the end result. I was able to use all the little ideas that I thought didn’t have enough weight to carry the poem but served as lines in the poem that capture the imagination.

Now the challenge is to continue to come up with fresh ideas and increasing my reading of fairy stories and poems will ultimately help.  If you have any feedback to offer, it would be very much appreciated.

I hope you enjoy reading these poems as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Until next time,

Jen xx


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